Conan server xbox one

Ive been playing conan for a while now. Before any of the updates like back in November of 21 i could pkay 8 to 10 hours and the game would have a single glitch. I NEVER got kicked off. It was so much fun to play. Then last year they had the big update and for 3 months everytime i got on the game i would move my character and BAM! got kicked off. Then recently there was another update so now i can play but the game is blurry, details are like 720P game glitches all the time and id say somedays if i play for an hour ill get kicked off at least 2 times. Somedays ill get on and for a moment the graphics are 1080P then lets say i start walking are running, the game will skip and immediately its back to blurry graphics. What i dont understand is they spend all this money, time and effort adding to tbe game which is awesome, but you all need to update your servers. Now ive tried G portal servers and ill tell you they make the game different. When i first got my Gportal server i went through all the settings and i noticed the spawn time for everything was like 10 minutes. There were other things but to much to list.

I hope the servers gets fixed. Its pretty bad when invisible people and animals try to kill you thanks to the servers. Or ill be running over a hill and ill keep running because it looks like an open field, then ill stop and all of a sudden ill see a couple swords coming towards me but no bodies. Ill get attacked and after about 3 minutes then their camp pops in?? Happens all the time. I was walking across a field the other day and heard loud footsteps and then got hit pretty hard im like wth? Come to find out- after about 3 minutes im standing in the middle of about 10 rhinos. SMH!