Conan vs Non-Conan content, possible solutions?

We have the Darfari. Who the heck needs vampires.

I bought because of the building and sandbox aspect too, and dont care about conan either

I had actually made a post in the suggestion section to add a filter to enable people to filter OUT any server using Age of Calamitous. I, like you, HATE this mod. But as I love RP I am almost forced to play on servers that use it which drives me crazy. If you find an RP server with a decent population, 90% chance or higher it uses Age of Crap as I like to call it. It completely ruins the game in my opinion and destroys the immersion of the world of Hyboria and everything the developers have worked so hard to create.

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Just to make it clear, because I’ve caught flak for this before: I appreciate and admire the effort of the author(s) of Age of Calamitous. It’s hard work and they’ve done an excellent job. I just don’t like it personally, for the reasons you mentioned. It’s like corn – it’s nutritious, it’s good for you, a lot of people like eating it and good for them, but I just don’t like eating it myself. :man_shrugging:

CodeMage, you hit the nail on the head there. The mod authors folks who worked on it did a hell of a job on the art and everything. But it’s no longer Conan Exiles and that is where it kills the game for me. I don’t want to play Generic High Fantasy Exiles which craps all over the work of Robert E. Howard and those who have worked on the Hyborian world after him. I want to play Conan Exiles based on the Hyborian Age. I don’t mind others using it, that is exactly what mods are for.

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I never played this MOD, I only play on official servers, but I watched a lot, a lot there was a RP here in my country that was a huge success, so you have an idea Conan on Twithc tv here was hitting up to 30,000 people watching, getting 2nd place as the most watched game since some famous streamenrs joined, and so I had contact with the MOD, watching and not playing.
Watching it I thought it was amazing, I thought they added a lot of new things, they populated the map more … and in fact I just think Conan’s biggest flaw, the map being extremely empty and stereotyped.
But as incredible as it seemed what I liked the most were 2 “silly” things that were the “armor mannequin” I found that incredible especially you just click on the mannequin that you put the armor on and automatically that armor goes to your body without you needing change the 5 pieces of armor, I found the mannequin wearing the armor beautiful and not in the chest and I found the practicality of changing armor incredible, another thing I really liked is the “fashionist” mode that displays weapons and shields on the back when you’re not wearing it, I found the sword with the shield on the back very beautiful.
But of course in the case of the PR there is a 'universe happening on the map "and that makes it much more attractive, since people camouflage the lack of life in the world of Conan, unfortunately this PR that I watched gave a fight and it ended and Conan came back dropping from 30,000 to about 300 people watching, a shame I felt so prestigious the game that I like being successful after so long I, we in this case, being marginalized by gamers lol

You just described my ex-wife :slight_smile:

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You have weird choice in ladies. =p

LOL it is true

I agree with this point. Funcom is being sensible in saying that all Conan sources are considered useable lore, and shall considered on a case by case basis. You will also likely agree with me on my next point.

There is a swelling number of members among the community who are now beginning to see the merit in expanding the number of in-game items/features for Crom. As myself and Sera here have illustrated, due to the lack of such features it is not even possible to complete the games Journey Steps without betraying our allegiance to him. It frustrates me to no end. I agree with you Sera; I personally would like to see either a non-funtional altar, or preferably a re-skinned ‘Crom Forge’ which would log these Steps as completed. Even better if doing so generates a high level Purge to attack us. :smiling_imp: :mountain_snow:


I certainly do agree with that. There should definitely be something you can do to complete the step without having to be a traitor lol. I am a Yogite by nature :smiley: However I completely support some Crom related feature that would allow the journey step to be done.
Now that I think of it…valor pleases Crom! So yes, some crazy purge attributed to him or his altar or what have you would only be fitting.

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The funny thing is that prior to his departure, Jens_Erik stated during a dev stream that in early stages of the game they actually DID have a Crom Purge in the game, however they ended up ommiting it. But ironically, most people we mention the idea to really like it and feel it is fitting and characteristic of Croms ways. All I can do is to keep trying with humility, lore and call attention to community sentiment, and hope that one day I can convince Joel to expand on what we already have.

For CROM!! :metal: :mountain_snow:

So right here, I think this really illustrates the “problem” with the game. We have a passionate group of people who love it the way it is, and another passionate group of people who hate that the devs say “No” to this and that because it’s not in the Canon.

A few notes, I did hold back my opinion on things, but the reality is, I’m not the biggest fan of AoC, either. There’s somethings that are nice in it, and other things I hate in it, and you get all of it, and none of the rest.

As for “But mods” argument. Lots of mod creators have their stuff incorporated. For example, “Ragnarok” from Ark was originally a mod that Devs liked so much, they hired the guy to officially support the map. I wouldn’t even be remotely surprised if that’s the goal of the AoC creator, considering he’s from the same country as Funcom.

Conan is NOT a popular fandom with younger people. It just isn’t. The movie is 40 years old! People sold me on this game by saying “It’s kind of like multiplayer skyrim.” I enjoy it… but I feel like it could be so much more popular if it was just generic fantasy. Yes, lots of people will disagree, but unfortunately, that’s a small number that won’t be getting any bigger.

That’s why I proposed the idea of the two “branches.” I understand people think there’s good reasons not to do that… but I honestly think they can keep 99% of the core the same, while more than doubling the players who’d be interested in it.

Whatever happens, happens, but it’d be cool to see this game takeoff the same way ARK has… and it just doesn’t have the same broad appeal (despite being a much better game in a lot of ways).

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Conan may not be terribly popular but is popular enough to have spawned this game, and there are plenty of comic books being remade and entirely new ones being made around the character and his universe so the fanbase is obviously there, whether young or old.
What I think is important is there was passion centered on the lore when this game was made. FunCom has another Conan game so my guess is they are fans of the character. I don’t think adding non Conan stuff in here will really get you a much larger player base, since tons of people who have no interest at all in Conan play this because they like survival games.
I’m just glad that the developers included Conan lore from other sources other than just the original stories so I’m not completely against branching off; the more the better. I just don’t think doing that JUST to increase the player base is necessary.

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spoke beautiful, spoke real!

This part would’ve been nice if Ragnarok saw more support than it did, it got maybe one or two updates before Aberration was released and wasn’t supported beyond that, the map is still barren and borderline lifeless, with some areas still having placeholder names (one location name actually being NE), a clearly incomplete map that more than likely will stay that way for the foreseeable future.

A better example of mods that Wilcard incorporated into ARK would’ve been either Primitive+ (A game mode which replaces any tech level above iron gear with more primitive items, effectively removing guns from the game) or Building+ (New building piece types and the ability to pick up placed building pieces within 15 seconds of being placed).

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