Concerns Regarding Recent Events

Like many others, I have serious concerns regarding the recent leaked information. My concerns arise with the price of the battle pass and cash shop items and currency. I am not against these changes, but I am firmly against price gouging and taking advantage of the community. I understand these changes will make the game more money if positively received. However, they can also make it less money by pushing away players who would otherwise play the game.

Conan Exiles has a habit of only releasing a single DLC or two a year. Which isn’t a lot at all. Conan Exiles has a limited population of players due to its age, and lack of regular content updates. Games that implement battle passes and cash shop tend to ask for more money for digital items, and then simply do not release regular content updates.

This coupled with constant the potential for digital goods to be overpriced, ads, pop-ups, notifications for the battle pass, and cash shop could be a serious dealbreaker for many players. In addition, most of the player base now play on unofficial servers from my understanding. Battle Passes, Cash Shops, and Loot Boxes are all predatory sale mechanics designed to get the most vulnerable to spend as much money as possible.

I also have serious concerns about how this will affect the Conan Exiles Modding community. Given, other titles have limited modding or completely removed it because of these types of monetization changes.

Also, censoring the community concerns regarding the leak on the Reddit, Forums, and Discord only further divide the community on these issues.


You may discuss the incident in the speculation threads on Sorcery as long as you do not link to outside sites or go into detail on it.

Per a recent update from Funcom management, the discussion is okay as long as there are no links to outside videos of the incident.

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