CONFIRM MOVE, just like all other combat actions

Why is it I must:
confirm firing
confirm reload
confirm overwatch, etc
but if I mis-click I immediately run to that square???

confirm move!

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I agree with you on wishing for a confirm move button. I like how the recent Warhammer 40k: Mechanicus does it by putting up a little check button near where you clicked to move them, and clicking on it is the confirm.

But I will say that right now there are as many clicks to move as there are to fire, reload, overwatch, etc. You click on the fire icon, then click Fire Weapon. You click on reload icon, then Reload. You click on the walk icon, then click on the place on screen to walk.

The difference is that you default to the walk icon, so it feel like there are generally less clicks involved. If you click another icon, then click on the walk icon again, you still have to click to say where you want to walk to.

But as I said, I do agree with you and walk should take three clicks instead of two like the other actions.

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I wonder if they could add a null/empty spot on the far left of hotbar. One that you default to instead of the walk icon. At the start of combat, start of a turn or when selecting a new team member it defaults you to that empty spot on the hotbar. If you left click, right click, sneeze funny or hit your spacebar it wont matter since that empty spot isn’t bound to anything.

Or just add a “confirm move” option that makes the “Walk” button light up and have to be clicked as opposed to always gray.