Congratulations in handing ARK's butt back to it, on a silver platter

“So, what’s better? ARK or CE?”

“Well ARK has mounts and flying Dinos, and multiple maps!”

“Yeah? Well Conan Exiles has proper melee, nudity, superior building and almost instantly loading bases.”

“…Instantly loading bases?” “Yup. And most CE official servers don’t crash once a day, or have to rubberband once every 15 minutes like ARK official servers do, nor is there any thrall, structure or animal caps.”

“… Well shyte.”

Script aside, I have over 3600 hours on ARK…
And despite ARK’s newest expansion and S+ update on building, and what not… I find msyelf much happier on Conan Exiles, because my massive base loads faster than my game does when I log in.

That is freakin impressive to me.

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The kids at work played ARK, and it was the daily conversion.
Now the daily chatter is Conan Exiles and RDR2.
ARK is like yesterdays news, folks still getting buried in dino poo?


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