Right as I quit ARK, CE turns into ARK without the flying


So, I quit ARK cuz I got sick of feeding 500 dinos, and bed-spawning around the map to keep my structures from decaying, after having done that for 2 years.

I really liked how in CE everything (was) carefree. No maintenance, just timer refreshes. It kinda made up for the fact that you can’t “bed hop” without dying. The Maproom is a sufficient bandaid for having no mounts or flight.

The encumbrance build is the one feature CE has on all other survival games (except Planet Explorer, who has done away with weight and limits all together, and Empyrion & DayZ, which is slot limit only)

The encumbrance build makes up for having no mounts and flight as well…

But then in comes feeding. The same crap as ARK that turns players from a general/king/boss/warrior/proprietor into a slop-serf.


Just wanted to point that out. This post is not gonna change anything, cuz bad ideas are like cockroaches. But hopefully this will help you guys become aware that this is a step back, for which you guys will hopefully take 2 steps forward on.


Are they? What on earth makes you think that? They just seem happy they won’t have to bother fixing the floating thralls issue now.

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They could have made the thralls claimable… the one useful feature from ARK they should have copied.

But yes, your right. I need to rephrase that statement. And done.

Ya know, in hindsight ARK implemented a 500 dino cap per tribe for a reason…
Maybe that’s why deployed thralls aren’t claimable.

looks at 2 vaults full of cimmerian berserkers, Hyborian III’s

looks at 20 fish traps and 8 bonfires

rubs chin

“Additional supply depots required.”

One word: Equilibrium

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I don’t agree with you. Only because you may used to have like 20+ thralls for you before, it doesn’t mean a bad idea if you now might run in some trouble with feeding thralls/pets.

Spamming thralls all over the map is a issue of CE. Have quality, not quantity! Only a handful of good fighters/archers can handle a world boss! Lets see, how it turns out…


Yeah, it has a certain equilibrium about it, doesn’t it?

Doesn’t make it any less of a chore tho. Nothing like vacuuming your room in RL, then going for a feeding run in-game, then it’s time for work, or bed time.

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If - and frankly, it’s a pretty big if - but IF the decay on troughs/food pots/whatever means it’s about gathering enough food, and not about micromanaging delivery of food every 24 hours, then I might be okay with it. I’m still holding out a little bit of hope that Funcom don’t hate* casuals enough to make it into another, harsher decay timer.

*way too strong of a word, I know


I’m probably in the minority on this one, but I actually like that Thralls require food. In fact, the more thralls one has, the more food that ought to be required. There should be a “penalty” for massive armies. No one should have “infinite armies of thralls” guarding their bases with no consequences.

Now that being said, I also agree that the maintenance should not detract from the “fun”. After all, it is just a game. So having a central food trough or banquet table or whatever for all thralls in the area (like a base) seems an appropriate compromise to micromanaging every single thrall’s food intake.


I have a tendency to agree with the OP. While I never played Ark, I have spoken with several people who have, and one of the main reasons they soured on it is that the game became a chore, as a substantial amount of time was spent getting the right foods for the right dinos, and then dispersing it. I think it was suggested as an hour of prep time for 30 minutes of actually going out to accomplish something.

It seems the concerns here are well-founded based on previous experiences, but still a little premature. Although, until we know more about how the “thrall pots” and “feeding troughs” work, ie feed radius, food decay timer, frequency of feedings, how much and of what type of food thralls/pets need, thrall/pet decay timer (ie how long do they survive absent food), and probably other questions, it is hard to say whether the feeding system will be overly time-consuming.

It could make the headache and effort of feeding all our thralls less irritating, if perhaps high tier foods gave some kind of damage or health buff to our pets/thralls.

I’d like to hear more details from FunCom about how exactly this feeding system will work. Hopefully, they will be more forthcoming in the next few weeks.

The Feeding box and Thrall pots have a 50 meter radius, without a range indicator…
It will only show the names of thralls that are in range… like… Cimmerian Berserker x 27…


This is ARK all over again covers face in hands

exhales deeply with a sigh

So… one tile is 1 meter I suppose?

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I believe one foundation or ceiling tile is 1 meter.

Alright. 50 foundations radius isn’t too bad. At least it’s easy enough to measure. sighs

A 50 tile radius seems to cover a decent area, no? I assume you are on TestLive checking it out?

Does it cover that same 50 tile radius vertically as well?? Any insights on the decay timers for food in the thrall pots / feeding troughs, or any insights on how long it takes a thrall/pet to decay away w/out food?

Just had to deal with a purge on live.
The thralls seem to be fighting phantoms, but at least fight back when someone slaps them square across the face with a maul.

Gonna play some TestLive. I was just watching the dev stream…

Worse still, there are these Jhebbal Sag emblems you can put on the floor which despawns animals who walk over them… so now we’re gonna have griefers despawning all the pet spawns.

A foundation block is 256 cm tall. I can’t find the discussion thread in my files, but I’m sure that’s the magic number for width too. So ~2.5 meters would be your reference point. @Cattibria had some good figures a while ago.

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Well i did also start a suggestions topic to talk about the thrall feeding system which i put up yesterday.

Foundations are 256X256X256 centimeters. Walls are 256cms high, 256cms wide and 32cms thick.

Got this from the devs a while back. Did some quick math, that 50 meter radius translates to about 19.5 foundations.


Wiki and Moderator in one. I am convinced they modeled the LCARS after you.
On a more related topic:

How many tiles is a 50 meter radius diagonally across tiles?

(I don’t even wanna get started with wedges…)

That is the square foundations… Not sure how I will place the pots in my base due to the layout. So if that is a 50 meter radius, that is a 39 foundation circle, so we will need some over lap to get full coverage with a large base. With a huge base like mine, overlap is a must.

8x8 rooms (maximum distance that can support a full roof) arranged as a square 16x16 cubicle base, 6 tiles high (2 floors with a roof) and one feeding box and pot right in the center of the base should cover everything.