Playing F76 has actually made me appreciate a few things about CE!

  1. Beautifully crafted characters, animated hair and bounciful bossoms.

  2. Storage. Accumulation and agglomeration of resources is the in and out of survival games… to cap that in F76 to 600 pounds globally is CRAZY! In CE there is no limit to how much stuff you can store. Bethesda’s excuse is “it affects server performance”… lol…Tyeah… tell that to the CE folks. Furthermore, I already mentioned that CE’s encumberance build is a genre unique feature. One that I absolutely love with all my heart. In F76 the current meta is using an infinite weight exploit to counter that… it actually enhances the game x10, because you can’t put your loot anywhere else. rofl. Ironic.

It has put a lot of things into perspective for me. Sure, people get griefed a lot on CE, but man… there’s still something about having a proper home to store all your stuff.

  1. Less loading screens. F76 is nothing but loading screens and jitter as things load in over and over again as you fast travel from one event to another (and fast travel costs money…) I guess that’s something that can’t be helped but the frequency of that can be jarring. In CE, you only load when you use a maproom, and that doesn’t happen on a regular basis. Once you have a maproom network set up, it’s public and free.

  2. A location that is claimed by you for all time. A place to really call home, not some camping spot.

  3. The melee… OMFG, the melee. Nuff said.

  4. While I still think decay umbilicals and people claiming entire servers with their roads is an issue, I do appreciate being able to build bigger builds. The feelz is nice.

  5. Thralls and Pets. There’s something about being able to feed a buncha topless women and sabretooths and have them guard your base (especially if purges finally work again). Automated and noisy turrets just don’t have the same feelz…

  6. No flying end-game enemies… Seriously, those scorchbeasts. JESUS!

  7. Relative stability. CE rarely crashes on me… F76 crashes on me once every hour.

So yeah. CE still rocks <3


Ok. There was an exploit on F76 that let’s you have unlimited carry capacity. It enhanced the game cuz it was more action and exploration, less micromanagement. You can’t store anything anywhere else, cuz your stash there is a joke.

Bethesda fixed that exploit… That hit me in the groin so freakin hard I’m so freakin glad CE exists. You simply can’t do anything anymore… what’s the point of playing if one can’t accumulate anything?!

I am never complaining about Funcom’s decision to allow players full building freedom ever again.
I realized that going nuts on bases and storing things is an emotional release. It’s therapy that is jolly well warranted, even if it can be abused.

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Aye, I’m glad they’re steadfastly refusing to take the “easy way out” by limiting the building options, even with the downsides/issues involved.

It’s interesting as a counterpoint to the crowd who wants the game to be harder, more “serious” and grindy/micromanagey though: it does NOT automatically make the game better, quite the opposite!


building is a main feature of CE but comes with lots of bugs and a very fast decay timer. PS4 version still has build lag and object placement issues.

FO76 CAMP maybe the best compromise to building ive used. it stays with your account and moves from server to server. yes bugs exist still but so do CE bugs… i can place a CAMP and know it will be stored if a server issue happens (for later movement or redeploy).

CAMPs can be moved (buildings and all) and they do not decay (can be attacked by the NPCs or PCs). are not in game when you log out.

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I absolutely agree. My gripe is just with the cap on accumulation. That’s so awkward in a survival game.

“You are allowed to loot the whole world, but you can only keep a bit of it, and survive on that.”

It’s like some sort of digital purgatory designed to torture Kleptos.

If you really want to claim your home and conquer the world around you check our our war system. Ranked #1,#2 in the world.

And guess you no longer complane about AC´s npc´s interactions compare to Fallout?

Both CE and Fallout 76 fail in terms of NPC’s, but it’s fine. Both aren’t Bioware.
Most players just skip voice over and story anyway.

Well the Point was that CE have npc´s, …

I never complained about CE’s NPC’s to begin with :3 They suck, but I don’t mind.

Jasmin sends her regards.

A yes sorry i ment Conan and the other you can talk to. That give lore + (the fallout holotepes) lore stones.

There is no difference between Conan and a Holotape. They both emit nothing but words.

I am fond of the Ymir Trainer and what he has to say though. So honest and philosophical. Ymir Religion Trainer has to be the most meta NPC I have ever had the pleasure of listening to, since Omikron: A Nomad Soul.

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