Climbing. The coolest feature ever! Thank you FC :)

When I play Fallout 76, Star Citizen, Starfield, Elderscrolls 6… climbing will be my most missed feature.
I don’t think i’ll ever truly stop wanting to play conan exiles… cuz there is something so fundamentally badass about breaking one’s fall on a cliff’s edge to a beautiful view, that I will never find anything like it anywhere else ever again.

Unless of course they outright copy CE. But man… CE does Landscape SO FRAKKIN WELL.
And the details, down to a girl’s muffy armpits :stuck_out_tongue:

Plain awesome :slight_smile:

The animations are top notch. The game mechanics are top notch. The whole game is top notch. Seriously, it’s only the bugs (and other players) holding the game back, which says a lot.

It’s pretty bad of a game sux from a design point of view. But CE? It’s spot on, despite the bugs and players.

So chin up! Players on the forums (including me) are toxic as hell, but that’s just cuz we’re desperate for the next hotfix! :stuck_out_tongue:

Keep up the good work, fellahs.


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