Congratulations to Funcom for the Optimization Fix--Great Work

I have to give Funcom a tip of the hat for the building optimization fix. Not only do buildings load faster (a LOT faster for that matter) but that annoying bug where all your destroyed pieces loaded when you log in is gone! Great job.


Logged in over lunch and decided to test this out. I was happy to see my entire tavern “The Sin-Hole” had loaded in at the Sinkhole obelisk, yet when I walked outside, I was truly surprised to see my neighbor’s large base had fully rendered already. WOW!

Sooo, I decided to take a trek east past the undead village, and my rest stop and the little bases built near me each popped into view mostly-complete rather than looking like a time-lapse of someone building a Legos display.

So far, so good, now to see how it fared on my main base…

As I rounded the arena on my elevated highway, at first, there was no base present at my main location, but then at that distance it still would have been only just starting to load before anyway. Before I could run even another 50-feet though, the walls, rooftops, pillars, and towers had already sprung into view along with the god-beams from my temples!

For the first time ever, I was able to run into my crafting hall and while placeables were still loading, everything was architecturally complete. I repeat: that is the FIRST TIME I was able to enter my main base without huge sections of it still struggling to load.

So yeah, color me impressed!

Thanks for all the huge improvements lately, this is starting to feel like a whole new game! :smiley:


We’re SO happy to hear that. Thank you very much for the feedback and letting us know it’s working awesome for you all! :smiley:



I play on low-end laptop settings. My PC would always get clunky as I approached… most anything, especially a large base.

My neighbor has a map room that I use regularly, but by the time I get to his base I would have to wait for most of his castle to load, the draw bridge to come into existance, and for the map room to actually spawn after that. It could be a small headache, one I am used to.

For the first time today I sprinted 90% of the way, base was loaded before I even got to it. I was able to run right across the draw bridge, and use the map room without pausing at all.

Fantastic. Appreciated.

Your game is already amazing, but improvements like those listed above go a long way in retaining players.

But by all means, don’t stop now, keep on keepin on. I know you have your priorities, but a few suggestions.

  • Fix the mute button. (It does not work)

  • Improve your GUI. (QoL Improvments)

    • Scale slider for GUI.
    • Journey feats that “scroll” through uncompleted feats, rather than displaying the same static 3 perpetually.
    • Improve the chat system. Tabs/Customization/Whispers(Tells)
    • Add a multitude of settings to the settings windows. (Long list of possibilities) Options,Options,Options!
    • When crafting an item, if an ingredient is missing, but can be made with the available materials, clicking on said missing ingredient should automatically add it to crafting queue.

A big one for me personally, include more information within the game(Everywhere). We are not all playing on console, so having access to a more robust wealth of information is very appreciated. This could range from damage numbers during combat(or options for it), to stats of weapons/armor in windows they are not currently show in. Or a map that automatically updates resource nodes as you discover them, allowing you to filter for resource spawns that you have discovered.

But HEY! Loading improvements are a good addition to the big patch you guys just dropped. I am very happy with all the new unique weapons we are discovering in the undead city. (breathing under water is FANTASTIC in the jungle, and for collecting goop up north) Crom Blade on those MEGA thralls is true end game stuff. (hozzah)

Thanks again!


Sure did!

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I am noticing a performance increase as well. Seems to a really good step forward here .


Hear, hear! A major milestone :slight_smile:


The building pieces are loading really quickly, though hte placables are as slow as before. As someone who has doors everywhere this seems a candidate for the next great improvement. Keep up he good work!

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Great day and milestone indeed !
Thanks for all the work !


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