Connection from different interfaces

we have a server, access by ip to which for some time now is not possible for everyone.
solution for other games - radmin-vpn.
conan exiles either lets in only from the Internet, or, when activated and configured for multihome, lets in users of the application but does not let players in from the Internet.
How can I make it possible for everyone to connect at the same time?

what? #General Discussion ? #Players Helping Players ? @HighSaint
technical question! your product does not accept connections from different sources, be it different physical network cards or one of them will be virtual. where is there any technical support?

(sarcasm) yes, I rebooted the router and the computer. (end of sarcasm)

can you please, since you have decided to go through the standard list and announce it in its entirety and not waste time.

everything works fine, but we have some annoying, not everyone can connect due to some circumstances.

one magic checkmark and oh, now you can connect from the virtual network, but there is a problem, the server is not at all accessible from the Internet.

but this with all other game dedicated servers everything works very fine. Can I finally get some help? please

Maybe with a slightly better attitude? :slight_smile:

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please forgive me, lost my temper, it’s hard not to get angry when there is no normal technical support.

response to a request from politely asks to go to the forum where I do not receive help, and “Customer Support” carefully removes the branch in "let the players solve their own problems ".

do i want too much?

Fair enough, truthfully there’s no real support for that here, since the dedicated server launcher is not even part of the game, basically one of their devs made it in their spare time as a “trying to be nice to users” bonus :smiley:
Anyway @rigultru did sort of very vaguely touch on the issue

“forwarded to the destination server”

So basically you’re running an internet service on a device with two separate network interfaces. One service can only listen on one interface.
If you look at the instructions provided for the dedicated server launcher, that multihome checkbox is for the scenario when you’re a hosting company and you want to run multiple servers off the same machine (shared server) it allows you to pick interfaces more explicitly (booting up the server with the ip address being in the command line)

The reason it let you connect after checking that is because the server now started up and started listening on that interface instead of the other one.

What you actually want to do if you want to listen on multiple interfaces is

  • pick an interface say your real one with the ip
  • start up the server on that interface as normal
  • then route traffic from the other interface on the same port to this interface.

So essentially you need some form of a routing software (windows does have a built in command line one if I remember right) and route traffic from to on port 7777

Edit: keep in mind you still need to have your firewall and port forwarding configured on your real router too so your server is accessible from the outside in the first place (connect to router web interface, and forward the game port to your computer’s internal IP - obviously setting up a static DHCP so your computer always gets that IP helps) the article where they introduced the server launcher explains this part more with pictures and stuff Conan Exiles Dedicated Server Launcher (Official Version: 1.6.2 / Beta: -----)

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thank you so much

I can’t get it to work, could you try to help me a little more, please

Try to see if this works
Open an elevated command prompt (cmd → Run as admin)
type netsh interface portproxy add v4tov4 listenaddress= listenport=7777 connectaddress= connectport=7777

It does not help T_T
static IP set
7777 in firewall open for tcp and udp
7777 in real router assigned and accessible externally in the router

Is your server accessible from the outside via your IP address regularly over the internet?
And where are you testing that from? Is that another person who is on the same VPN trying to connect to your server? or are you testing it locally? (in which case it might not work for obvious reasons if the game is on the same machine and started up on the other interface)

(Also… as a side-note… while the above methods should work in theory if done successfully, I am curious what scenario would even require that…
You said that “some” are not able to access the server from the outside… then how are they connecting to the VPN?.. that uses the same route to you pretty much as the server would without a VPN. The practical application of the above scenario would really only be needed if your server had two physical NICs and one of them connected to an isolated network that’s not on the internet, otherwise they could just use the internet. - and then it would be sketchy cuz of the Funcom live service integration :stuck_out_tongue: )

server accessible from the outside via IP address regularly over the internet.

I am personally testing from a virtual network, another person from the internet is looking for the server name and ip address, the server is not on the same local network as me.
the virtual network works fine for other dedicated game servers.

(for a little satisfaction of your curiosity, just imagine that on the side of the provider or country, the ip of the server fell under some kind of blocking rules, I and some other people cannot access the server either by ip or from the list of servers)

I think you need to forward the UDP port as well so that command line tool in windows won’t cut it.
You can try using this one it’s a freeware routing program. You can run it without installation
You should be able to set up both the TCP and UDP port forwarding between the interfaces in that.

Also when connecting via the VPN, use the same trick on the client as the dedicated server launcher uses for the server, since I believe the reason you aren’t able to connect is cuz Conan simply booted up on your regular adapter. So simply open a command line in your ConanSandbox folder, or just make a Conan.bat file and just type your own computers VPN address after it
So ConanSandbox.exe (I made the 225 up, use whatever your computer has there)

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finally, the connection is made, as we can see, udp is used, so netsh interface portproxy did not work
many many thanks

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No worries, glad you got it working :slight_smile:

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the journey is not over yet, without a license it pauses, the buy button link leads to a dead site

Well… that just sucks lol…
You have to find another port forwarding software that actually does what it’s supposed to on windows (and it wasn’t easy to find this one either :smiley: )
The windows server version OS has a built in one that would work, I assumed you’re not using that though

I may have found you a very simple text based one that can do UDP as well.

It’s open-source so this one won’t bug you to buy it.
Downside is it doesn’t look as fancy obviously and since it’s not some built-in feature, but a tiny app, it’s one route per instance of application as it’s just a command line utility (you need to run two of them for both protocols)
However you can just do a simple Route.bat file next to it with

START /B KomodiaRelay.exe 7777 7777 u 0
START /B KomodiaRelay.exe 7777 7777 t 0

And run that.

Also the download binary link on the site at the bottom “appears” to be broken, however it is not, you need to right-click and select save-as and then you get a warning that it has an executable inside, which is fine.

Hopefully this one will work well

this one does not work, for some unknown reason, although it takes up ports, but does not give a result.
I accidentally found “sokit” github download
it work great
but it has a critical flaw, I can’t come up with how to make it turn on automatically

problem is not completely resolved
(I’m against “This topic will close 7 days after the last reply.” )