Connection refused

so what we gonna do now? we are not gonna play anymore just because we are Iranian?

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Did anyone find a solution for it? I have the same problem also in single player and i usually play on a private server and with my friends and boom i see the error tried to contact them and they are just not responding with anything useful

its just happened for me too, but till now I could’nt find any solution for it
I’ve spending a lot of time on it and if its not gonna be okay, I will being depress :(((

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anyone find solution for it? guys?

I faced this problem 5 days ago and none of the methods worked for me
Did you find a solution to this problem?
And what vpn do you use?

i live in iran

good job funcom you just dispointed your iranian players after they expend their money and times on it.

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Hello everyone!

We understand this issue is quite frustrating to you all, but, just to clarify, we do not have any restrictions on our side that may cause this connection refusal.

Please make sure that your connection to Steam or Epic Games Store is still intact, as this may be the root of the issue.

This link might help you check the Steam connection:

Hope this helps, but if I can assist with anything else, let me know :smile:

my iranian brothers

i fix the problem with VPN.

but HOw?

just use vpn and set your vpn location in steam location.
for example:
i have USA account steam. and i should use vpn in USA location

Gl brothers…


can u tell the vpn name

i use express VPN

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It didn’t work for me :pensive:

those are the files that i have sir i cant send it to you in privet i dont know why :smiley:

so here is the error i’m getting right after the “Connection refused” screen shows up:

[2023.01.06-14.31.02:189][956]LogFuncomLiveServices:Error: In RepeatPlayFabClientRequest: Invocation of cloud script function GetStorePageItems failed with HTTP status ServiceUnavailable and response body The service is unavailable. Request Failed. Abandoning further attempts. (request type: struct PlayFab::CloudScriptModels::FExecuteFunctionRequest)
[2023.01.06-14.31.02:189][956]LogFuncomLiveServices:Error: GetStorePageItems Failed with code 1473:
[2023.01.06-14.31.02:189][956]LogFuncomLiveServices:Error: GetStorePageItems Failed with code 1473:
[2023.01.06-14.31.02:189][956]LogConanStore:Error: GetStorePageItems - lost store data component during call.
[2023.01.06-14.31.02:206][957]LogFuncomLiveServices:Error: GetPlayerBattlePassInfo Failed with code 830606: Lost player controller reference.
[2023.01.06-14.31.02:206][957]LogEconomy:Error: Failed to retrieve player virtual currency balances. Lost component reference.
[2023.01.06-14.31.02:206][957]ConanBattlePass:Error: Failed to retrieve player battle pass info. Lost battle pass component reference.
[2023.01.06-14.31.03:127][ 8]LogConanStore:Warning: GetStorePageItems - item slot: DLC_BottomLeft not found in store page: DlcStore
[2023.01.06-14.31.03:127][ 8]LogConanStore:Warning: GetStorePageItems - item slot: DLC_BottomRight not found in store page: DlcStore
[2023.01.06-14.31.03:127][ 8]LogConanStore:Warning: GetStorePageItems - item slot: DLC_Top not found in store page: DlcStore

so what? if i buy battle pass is it solved? having battle pass is obligatory to play the game?

No, it is not. I don’t own battlepass and I can play just fine.

well this error says something else. i still get connection refused error

no one finds solotion yet ?

I think i know where the problem is

the problem is the game’s Currency system. the game can not decide where the currency should be from the steam account region or the ip region the player is connecting with, that includes the windows region too!

so every time we enter the server, this inconsistency causes the “connection refused” screen to show up. but now it’s even worst. whether i connect with same ip and account region or not i still get this error.

I think funcom must respect players privacy information and solve this problem immediately. we have the right to choose to connect to games from any county’s IP we want, that should not be a problem for us to play the games we payed for!

it’s fair to say funcom has become super greedy lately


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