Conqueror carnage - Khitai question

So my main being a carnage conq (orientated DPS but I made an off-tank build on second build), what factions should I favor in Khitai ? I heard Last Legion is more tank-ish, what about Tigers, Wolves ? Some DPS conq even use Brittle Blade things I read somewhere…

go for Tigers as main improvement. You might want to add some brittle blade items with better offhand/crit, but overall you are fine with Tigers as dps.

For the offtank, you want to get the helmet of ardashir fort and the last legion pants. You can go for the LL or Wolfs chest and pick the ll wrists and shoulders. Belt/Boots you can choose between Wolf and Tiger.

Brittle blades are actually pretty nice for the const prot rings. Yag Kosha for the 1hand blunt (off tank).

Try to get “Tigerswipe” for the offhand, it’s a blue weapon and drops in kara as far as i remember.



Thanks for this very complete and helpful answer :slight_smile:

Tigerswipe is good, but you need to join groups for Celestial Necropolis dungeon to get it. People will expect you to tank it, so it could be hard to join in dps role. Barbarians will be after that sword also, they will be preferred in DPS role because of Tainted Weapons and Finely Honed, beside a good barbarian in tiger gear will do a crazy amount of DPS so he will get the spot most of the times.

If you have “The Savage Coast of Turan” expansion, join T3.5 PUG raids and try to win Erlik Blade of widows:

You can get good off-hand weapons from Yun (tank) or Yag-Kosha (DPS/off-tank) factions.

For tanking purpose you should have a brute spec, trying to tank or off-tank in carnage it’s fun, but definitely tougher. You should get Resolve AA to tank most of Khitai / Turan / unchained dungeons.

Somehow you could find easier/faster to stack T4 relics from RF and then getting T4 plate armor for tanking, or even T3.5 heavy armor for DPS role, instead of farming the amount of Rare Trophies needed to get Last Legion legs.

Try to look at the following threads in old forums.

For gear:

Tanking useful pointers:

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Everything you say makes perfect sense, but i guess the Melandrhild does not raid atm. That’s why i just focused on the kithai group question.

Ofc T3.5 T4 and RF will add up better gear. Also worldboss will get you BiS cloaks and arena in field of dead will get you some of the best necklaces.

He could also craft T3 or at least T2 weapons, but I think this is not a good advice for starters.

You can also try to find a guild that fits your gaming style, so you don’t have the mentioned problem with “dps conqs” are not welcome, because they will help you do the dungeons and most likely won’t need the loot. That’s why most pug groups don’t want tanks in dps spec, because they want the same loot as the real tanks.

best regards

Mix BB with Tigers. Do not ever do RF, OS, or WB, as both of those are a disservice and disgrace to community, including real groups and raids, and do not teach players anything, and stick to real groups and raids as DPS. Start groups and raids by yourself to stay as a DPS unit.
As for carnage tanking, Pumbo used to main tank in T4 in carnage before T5 and T6 were released; so, it is quite possible. My conqueror is a carnage tank as well by the by.

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He’s never been main tank in raids. Our main tank has always been Tronkita, and he always tanks in Brute. :wink:

Tanking in Carnage spec might be feasible on magic bosses, if you have 2 Ibis with protection gems, but you will still miss the bubble. :roll_eyes:

Thanks all, I joined some T1/T2 raids, one T3, and that’s all for now, I’m not interested in RF because it stresses me (no matter my class or spec) more than being with most people I know.
I have all DLC’s, that Erlik blade looks nice !

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I always assumed “tanking” means “main tanking”. Oh well.

Melandrhild, well done! Keep it up: we need more people like you!

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