Conqueror and factions

Hey all.

Need small help with my Conqueror. Starting with Khitai and I am overwhelm with factions. Used AoC armory to see items and only thing I am sure is to go Last Legion for tanking set.

Tried finding guide or info on what factions to choose for my class. I’ve searched high and low but without success or any info. All posts are just about builds or AAs. Other than Legion what are other factions I should pick? Wolves or Tamarins for dps set? As this is my first lvl 80 I am a bit lost about what stat on gear I should choose for dps and for tank items.

Last Legion for tanking head, wrist, chest and legs.
Wolves of the Steppes for tanking shoes.
Brittle Blades for tanking ring.

Tamarins Tigers for complete DPS gear.
Shadows of Jade for DPS ring.

Optionally Yellow Priests for a one handed weapon of you do weapon switching.

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@Force Thanks on info. Only issue I have now is how to get starter tanking sword. If I pick Tigers for dps set I cant get tanking sword from Scholars. Any good alternatives?

Vanir Stonecrusher is pretty solid - Blue Weapon from Vile Nativity (Urn Boss). It’s not character bound, so you can buy that hammer for some gold at the TP

That sword isn’t good at all. T3 sword is your best options right after getting the T2 quest sword as the most easy to get. Prolly best option atm is to grind Kutchemens for a month.

Btw Last Legion pieces should I get ones with protection or without? Some have hate increase and others protection and immunity.

Go for the hate set first, there are more physical damage bosses and the protection pieces from LL are not that great, you’ll get prot in other ways easier (rings, necklace, cloak etc.)

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Thanks, now I am finally set on factions and gear.

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