Most efficient way to gear up as fresh level 80's?

So me and 2 friends are leveling up together (conq, bs, dt) and we want to get geared together. Anyone could give a pointér where to start and go after once we reach 80?

I’d get some blue gear from the trader, usually you should be able to find something decent at a reasonable price, then go khitai and do the questing there, you should be able to increase your rank pretty quickly.
About which factions to choose, it might be debateable for the tanks, but at least for bs it’s pretty straightforward: take Tamarin Tigers.
For tanks, if you want something decent fast, I’d go for the Wolves of the Steppes.

I think it’s important to notice that you can convert Marks of Acclaim (which you get for doing quests) to Simple Trophies (which drops in dungeons). So, even if it takes a bit of farming, you can get this set for tanks and this set for bs just by doing quests.

Another option might be to farm old world dungeons, like Atzel’s Fort, Xibaluku, Crow’s Nest, Iron Tower, etc… But for that you need a full group.
Of course, try to join T1/T2 raids and try to farm a bit the World Boss, to get some free epics.

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Be sure to do Raidfinder at least once a week. You get quite a few T3 and T4 tokens the first time you do RF every week. Subsequent runs have a lot less drops, so personally I wouldn’t bother running RF more than one per week. You will also get shards to buy the best rings in the game.

When World Boss is up, do it every month for legendary cloaks. It will take 12 months to get the cloak so you can decide if you want to bother doing it.

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Easy grind for weapons is Kuth. Do the daily quests every day on which you have time. It’s usually about 25 mins for around 100 token (good runs with a boss at the end of each wave can give more). You just need to reach wave 15 once to unlock the weapons and can do the mindless grind on wave 1-5 to gather the token.

For decent armor I’d do the kithai-factions as Yawgmoth mentioned.

As well I’d follow Zaldar’s advice to do rf once a week to get the purple box as questreward. Best day for it is monday, since later in the week it might take hours to get it started.

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It’s pretty random, but the World Boss is a good source of lvl 80 armor and weapons also.

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