Returning Player Gearing Question

Hey everyone,

Just returned to the game after a long break and am currently grinding the Khitai Factions for gear, got most around rank 2 with some close to rank 3. Is it still worth doing this or are there better ways to gear up these days?

Or does Raid Finder have a minimum gear requirement?

Any help is much appreciated

Beyond the need to be lvl 80, there’s no other requirements for Raid Finder.

While it’■■■■■ or miss, you could do the World Boss next week and hope stuff drops.

No, it doesn’t. You can instantly join RF on level 80. You don’t even need to know the tactics or anything, just follow the others, that’s basically it.

Honestly… since most people are only farming RF after level 80 anyways I don’t think going for factions is useful anymore. 40 T4 relics are easy to get from RF, especially if you have premium.

You can still go for faction armor if you want and have a “fast way” of getting them (if you know how to rank them up fast and farm lots of rare trophies + MoAs in a short amount of time) but if not then farming weeks for them just to have them replaced a few days later isn’t worth all the grind.

wb:) probably you already know it (some people did not), just in case remember in these days to claim the daily rewards and open those purple chests with the 10min buff that spawn every time you do one of the 5 daily challenges, we are almost at half event, from now to 9th of june you should get at very least 50t3, 50t4 relics and 900 shards if you are premium, that is a good boost for getting near to one rf ring (1350)

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Thanks Andri, Force and Nebless!

Great to be back and thanks for clarifying the gearing pathways up for me. See you in game:D

do rf/wb once, and keep doing factions, that way you at least fight mobs and learn your class. instead of braindead grind


you still might run some of the 6 man dungeons, to get some small pieces. Depending on your class there are some pieces pretty easy to get. HM tokens are always nice for pots later on, so if you dont spend them on the big parts you can still use them. AA gain is also good.

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Thanks for the advice everyone!