Same endcontent as always

So, do people still do nothing else other then farming RF/WB and Chaos/Mona at endgame ?
I feel like returning is pointless because it will get boring at endgame so fast since there are only 3-5 activities from the INSANE amount of actuall endgame content there is, that is being done by the community.

I’m gearing up like my 8th alt in T6, does that count?

Funcom, please give new content, a T7 raid would be awesome!

T1-T4 PUGS. PvP (Mostly mini games). Guild T5 and T6 Raids. Random unchained dungeons…

So how is the quality of T4 pugs ? Last time I played they used to wipe on the first few bosses quite a bit.
And are there plenty of active guilds that do T5 and 6 (sucessfully) ?

Depends on what time you play. If US prime time, you will find slim pickings, if EU prime time, it will be better.

Vanity hunting. I am on my 2nd epic set, and will attempt to get 2nd blue set as well. Sure, it aint proper end game content, but hell, it gives a massive rush when you succee to get a piece

My biggest fear to get back in, is leveling to 80 just so see nothing but the mentioned grinding of the same content, while so much great stuff like T1/2/3 and Khitai is left untouched.

Join a big guild you’ll see all of the game you like if you host your own groups/raids