Mistake to come back

Deleted the feedback post since it doesn’t matter anyway.

Game in Maintenance mode

Whats stopping you? you can do level 1-8 ish with 2 people in onslaught :slight_smile: blue gear shouldnt be an issue

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I deleted the comment. Too many details that have been said millions of times.

Yeah, back in the day the game was a hill and u learned gradually how to play your class and how to understand how fights works… Nowadays its just → Get 80 → Buy gear → Go raidfinder to get t4 → Grind raidfinder and kutchemes for X amount of months → Not good enough skillwise to play t5 and t6 → Start a new character.

Learning a game doesnt seem to come naturally in the interest of the average gamer, you need the games structure to force you into learning, and this game had that in the beginning big-time. I would say the overall skill-level was twice as high in the game 5 years ago. I mean the nerfs on t2,t3,t3.5 and t4. You had 20 guilds farming it pre-nerf. Now you have pugs in global wiping for hours in t3.5… a raid oldschool players 6 manned same day the nerf-update came online. This game just got washed out from way too many nerfs, and the progression skip that raidfinder is, it completely ruined the game.

Whats so sad is that the core of the game, fights, graphics and combatsystem is still top 5 of all the mmorpgs that is relavant atm. The game is here but the improvements from khitai and unchained not discovered by the broad market. Its heavily burdened by the top of a company not being able to reap the fruit of a game with this potential. You saw plenty of old mmorphs ressurect lately. From companies with astronomically lower base to work from, made huge leaps. But Funcom is Funcom. With no grasp of the market and self proclaimed experts at the top.


You described it better than i ever could.

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