Level 80, what do next?


I´m now a level 80 Ranger. I joined the right fractions…

What would you do next, if you had a fresh 80?

I’d probably reroll a useful class

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Play solo content at kara korum and coast of ardashir. Do the daily factions quests to get decent blue/epic kithai gear.
Work towards having tainted weapons and finely honed perk, so you can join most 6man dungeon.
Join every raid possible so you can gather experience and learn how to play properly.
Do world boss monthly (also get the world boss cloak quest at old tarantia library) and raid finder every monday.
In 6months you will be good geared and have plenty knowledge to do anything in this game.

grind kuth weapons with ferocity gems, it greatly improves traps’ range

The ‘post’ lvl 80 area’s to play in would be the Godslayer Expansion and the Dragon’s Spine Adventure Pack.

Also you can do Vanaheim or Deadman’s Hand Island in the Turan Adventure Pack as they scale to your level.

Also you could run the solo Dungeons you can go to or access via the hud’s travel feature.