Console crafting menu, how is this not fixed yet?

So I downloaded Conan again to scratch that itch but was almost immediately put off as I realised that scrolling through dozens and dozens of items is still the only way to go through crafting menu options. Why oh why has a search feature STILL not been added for console?? This is not so much a suggestion but for me essential. Also an hour or so in I go to kill the abyssal slug, it’s still bugged. I posted about this, wow, it would have to have been nearly a year ago :man_facepalming:t2::joy: pls some quality of life fixes for console menu and fix the first damn boss of the game, what sort of impression are you trying to make here funcom? It’s got to be bordering on embarrassing when the first main dungeon of the game is still bugged and the first boss basically immortal a couple years after release.


The boss is certainly not broken for a year yet. It’s broken for some time now but I know for a fact that it was working fine when I last did it in december

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FC has updated the game since December, and as per each update i have seen applied to CE, old bugs have reappeared…its like every update is written for a previous version of CE. Almost like they are working from the original broken, poorly written code as a base for every update and thats why we see old bugs with each update.

Like Stinckyfingerton said Funcom fixed the dungeon and was broken again with another update. You are right first dungeon broken needs to be done early game or it’s kinda useless ran a new toon in last week read the first stone ran back out out the entrance.

Realmente a desorganização dos itens no menu de construção é algo deplorável. Chega a ser vergonhoso, coisas tão simples que todos os jogos da categoria tem, e em qualquer plataforma.

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