Console parity patch 2.3 - include PS5 enhancements?

I saw the dev stream and recaps mention Xbox series S and Xbox series X and getting full certification for those platforms. So I assume that means some specifuc improvements for new Xbox’s

But what about PS5?
I assume there won’t be a new PS5 specific version any time soon, but what about improvements for PS5 via PS4 backwards compatibility?
Even if it’s aimed at PS4 pro, the PS5 would see those improvements.

Any specifics on that?

You will see some of them as some are for all platforms but some are console specific and some Xbox

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Para nada, usan el mismo Juego para la Consola (1.6), el mismo servidor, los mismos datos.
Porque Final Fantasy 7 Remake (PS4) y Final Fantasy 7 Remake Integrate (PS5)
Porque son Diferentes.
Para mejorar el juego en PS5 tendrian que crear otro JUEGO Remak… y 1 año sin dar señales, el mes acabado y nada nuevo que prometieron… Dudo que Sean capaces de VENDER Conan REMAKE para PS5 o Xbox S-X de 0… están centrados en DUNE y Conan PC (2.3). El resto somos Basura.

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Thanks @Gloatingtomb6 and @jmsasuke

I agree a PS5 version won’t be in the cards - at least not anytime soon. But even if there are some improvements regarding 4k and/or close to 60 frames or whatever say for PS4 pro, those improvements will still be useable on PS5 via backwards compatibility.

I’ve read that Xbox series x is able to see more improvements via patches for old games because of something with how Sony implemented PS4 to PS5 backwards compatibility. I understand it’s something with how it’s seen as one game so it’s harder for developers to add PS5 specific content to the PS4/PS4 pro version for PS5 via backwards compatibility. Adding some of the extras Xbox series x gets via patches to old games won’t work on PS5 without a true PS5 version apparently.

I guess we’ll have to wait for patch notes and see what’s what. The patch notes for the parity patch will be huge since it incorporates so much missing patch versions.

yes however even with improvements the game still have limits but since performance improved and also the new benches and items going along people may build it all and that its self could hurt performance but once we get 2.4 thrall limiter depending on how it works could also have performance increase so the feel is as we get closer to 3.0 we may have a very large performance increase depending on how or what is implemented into the game and system… just be carful is what I’m pointing out and do not go crazy on builds as the optimizations would have been useless

Haha yeah good point :+1:

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