Consolidate Servers following a Wipe

I know this is a tender subject, but hear me out… official servers are busy or empty, sometimes in between, however, live in a long lonely list. I know there are fixes, optimize to servers, etc, but this would work.

Wipe the servers, move some together or wipe and remove unnecessary servers and set the population at 60/70. You’ll have more clan warfare, trading and socializing amongst larger populations and on PvP servers I have no doubt a lack of foundation farming.

Even on PVE-C and PVE servers there’s more people building and communicating with others that cab attribute to a healthier atmosphere.

Yes, fixes are coming and the servers need serious support, particularly with exploits and macros, but this is what the plan was at EA. Bring it back! 40 people on a large map doesn’t do a ton and besides there’s room at 60/70 For stragglers to show up.

Just my two cents. I doubt it would happen, but at this point, there’s not much else to lose.

60 to 70? Oh HELL no!

Even as friendly as everyone on my PvE server has always been, the contention for space and how crowded it is with even just 30 active at primetime is starting to make folks hostile. Maybe that’s fine for a PvP or PvE-C environment, but some of us LIKE having a sense of community and a relaxed atmosphere. Additionally, PvE bases tend to be far larger than PvP, so a player count that’s viable for one isn’t necessarily ideal for the other.

It would be great if the server browser could do a better job of spreading out new players to servers that are somewhat less populous. It’s completely mental that ALL of the new players I’ve spoken to have said that they landed on ours because they sorted by #players and then simply joined the one that had the most people! Note, they didn’t join servers that had a reasonable number of people but the MOST…

What I’d like to see is the server browser retool the option labeled “show full servers” as “show crowded servers” and leave it unchecked by default. I think that would do a better job of load balancing new players while keeping popular servers at a healthier, more sustainable load.

Just wanna add that high pop PvP servers are almost always a bad decision for new players, just because these kind of servers attract exploiters/hackers more than others.

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