Server consolidation?

Is there any talk of serves being consolidated on ps4 or pc? There are lots and lots of servers though many of the ones on ps4 have 5 or 6 people on them while the others have full or close to but those are pretty few.

There is no way to merge servers in this game. Everyone builds based on Obelisks and Purge and build in the same spots.

The only way they can condense their servers is do full wipes and try and appease the masses by jacking experience and gathering multipliers. Have a period where you can start with 2 or 3 religions but there will be conflicts in who built where on every server.

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I figured as much that would have to be done. I was just asking as i know lots of times low population servers are shut down and the people forced to move out.

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Or, just add cross server raiding so server wars can be a thing :wink:

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There was already Cimmeria, another RP server, available for a merge. Funcom could have at least tried to use their brains for once, and merge these two servers.Even the RP community in Warhammer Online were ‘forced’ to relocate to Dark Crag, which really, shouldn’t have occured.

Although, a server merge was required for this game, I won’t say that I am pleased with this particular move. I do enjoy RP’rs as long as I’m not forced to RP, since they do come up with decent ideas about improving a game content, more than hardcore PvP’rs.

Dude we’ve asked for that alot and still have nothing yet and no word that concrete word that it will be a thing just rumors but heres hoping bro.

All Servers should probably be wiped and started fresh based on the ongoing numbers, to be honest.

I’ve gone through several server wipes and really - it’s not the end of the world.


OR, can send a message to servers that are very low pop, and let the people gather 1 vault of loot.

Like a 2 week notice of sorts. Then they can choose any server not being shut down and start at level 60, with their “vault” to give them a fighting chance. Just an idea.

Or if we are trying to be “fair” then message that a consolidation of officials will occur, and every ID is allowed 1 toon to vault up loot, and servers will be wiped. Everyone will retain their level 60 status when they start the “new” merged servers.

What about 7 days of inactivity? at that point all of the buildings have decayed already and all that’s left is what’s on your person, if that hasn’t been molested by the local wildlife.

They need to wipe all the low pop servers and make cross platform between consoles and/or PC a thing.
As I’m seeing it, there’s a lot of dead servers with maybe one or two new players that stay a max of a few days just to learn the game or bottom feeders who couldn’t hack it on populated pvp servers anyways. Doesn’t make sense for Funcom to waste money on these servers. Besides a lot of these older servers were ruined by rampant duplication and other game breaking exploits. The lack of GM moderation has also ruined the potential for many servers too.

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No, I will 100% stop playing if they wipe. End of the world? No, but it would be the end of my time with Exiles. If your server is dead and you dislike it, move to a more populated one, it is that simple.


Pray my man, pray.

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