Constant "Interact" Messages in the Wine Cellar

I was in the Wine Cellar with two guys from another clan, and the “Press to Interact” notice kept flashing on my screen. Having read about hidden chests, we broke up rocks constantly, finding nothing.

I happened to be standing still when the message flashed again. So, two of us stood still while the third walked up to a lantern to light it. We all got the same message at the same time.

It appeared that if one got it, we all got it.

Hello @speedice, did this only occur with a specific lanter or with other interactibles?

Would it be possible to share a screenshot of its location?

There wasn’t a specific spot in the dungeon. It happened all the way through. In fact, when I was waiting for them to return to the last room after they were killed, the notice came up on my screen as they ran.

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I have also seen this. When my clan mate walks by the torch it shows press to interact on my screen.


I only know 1 hidden chest. Thats near the rocks at the last mini-boss (at an altar/monument) before this stone bridge.

Thanks, we’ll register this issue for the team to look into!

There is also a bug with the dungeon entrance text. It says return to the surface from the outside - the same as in the dungeon.

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