Khari chests bug or intended?

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [Europe]

Hi, was wandering around in the Wine cellar dungeon (good work btw) and suddenly this message popped up, that I should press Square (use key in PS4)… And there wasnt anything. It was driving me crazy, because I thought there is a lore-letter…

Then I recognized, that this are some normal rocks, which I proceeded to mine and under it was a Khari loot chest.
Is that intended, that some boxes are under rocks?

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Make the wine-cellar dungeon
  2. Run around some mine-able rocks
  3. If a “use key” message pops up, there could be a chest under the rocks
  4. Mine rocks to see the chest

Screenshot of such a chest:


Hey @jot29, this is actually intended, happy to see you found one of the treats!


What about this one:

Was no way to interact withit. No way in… maybe with double jump, but then you wont come out…

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If you can get in using double jump, why can’t you get out using it?

There was a rock outside and you probably could jump into it or lets say at the wall with double jump.
But I didnt see any rock inside.
And I dont know if a double jump from the ground would be enough…

Ah ok. I didn’t do the dungeon yet. Then it might be unintended. But I don’t know. Maybe @Hugo knows more :upside_down_face:

Anyone know how many Khari steel chests there are in total or some image with the location.

Just got confirmation that there’s an issue with that last one, thanks for pointing it out!

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It happened again. This time I can describe the location.
It is in the section after the undead turtles.
On the left side is a mini-boss with some Relic fragment chests.
Its on the way back at the left side:

Turn around and in this left “building”:

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