[Construction] Angled and Vertical Struts Lose Stability Bonus After Server Restarts

Game mode: [Online | Multiplayer]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [America]

[Construction] Angled and Vertical Struts Lose Stability After Server Restarts

Description: When placing angled and vertical struts, they improve the stability of the related building materials. However, after the server restarts, this improved stability is lost. This has caused issues with building where if you use these struts to extend your ceilings, when the server restarts, pieces of your building will be missing. This seems to be a spotty repro where only SOME of the placed struts lose their stability during a restart. I performed a test using the advanced repro steps I provided below and 2 of the ceiling/wall combos I added broke, rather than all 4.

This likely also relates to reports of people’s items and crafting tables disappearing. If I have put a placeable object on top of something held up by struts, these are often the first things to disappear.

Example 1: I built a bridge out of pillars, foundations and ceilings. Then, using struts, I added a roof to the bridge. It was fairly sizable and held up by ~8 struts. My server has daily restarts, and I started to notice pieces missing from the bridge when I logged in the next day. It seemed weird so I ignored it and re-placed them. It kept happening, so eventually I stopped re-placing the pieces that would go missing, and when I logged in yesterday, the entire roof of the bridge had gone missing.

Example 2: At the same time, I was also creating a large structure where it was difficult to get the sloped roofs to meet at the top. Using struts, I was able to extend the roof so that it met at the top. When I logged in for the first time the next day, the pieces that relied on struts to be held up were missing.

Example 3: This prompted me to investigate fully. Using the repair hammer, I looked at some of the “non-essential” struts I had placed to see if they were properly providing stability. They didn’t appear to be, so I re-placed them to see if it would actually improve stability and it did.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Place a foundation with a wall attached to it.
  2. Place a ceiling attached to the wall.
  3. Use a repair hammer to view the stability of the ceiling (it should show 80)
  4. Place an angled strut attaching the ceiling to the wall.
  5. Use a repair hammer to view the stability of the ceiling (it should show 100)
  6. Restart the server.
  7. Use a repair hammer to view the stability of the ceiling (it will now show 80 again)
    ***This is not 100% repro, I recommend using the advanced steps below to show it more effectively.

Advanced reproduction:

  1. Create a “stair” out of attached ceilings and walls until stability no longer allows you to attach any more ceiling and wall combos (This will go 4 ceilings out and 4 walls high)
    1a. Use the repair hammer to observe the stability of the stair.
  2. Attach angled struts to each of the ceiling/wall combos to improve their stability. (This will cause the stability at the top wall to be 100).
  3. Extend the initial ceiling/wall combos to add 4 more “sets” to the building.
    3a. Use the repair hammer to observe the stability of the stair.
    ***This will allow you to extend the wall/ceiling combo as far as you like, well beyond the point where without struts, it would collapse.
  4. Restart the server.
  5. Observe the “stair” you’ve created. The struts remain in place, but the additional extensions that you added to the stair will have collapsed.
    5a. Use the repair hammer to observe the stability of the stair.

Actual Results: You’ll find that after a server restart, the angled struts no longer provide stability to the building, and any building pieces built beyond “standard” stability levels will collapse. This is not a 100% repro, only some struts will lose their stability and it will copound over time.

Expected Results: All Struts continue to add stability to the building after server restarts.

This is my first post on these forums, so I can’t provide links or images, but if you toss me a private message I can upload the images from my own test.

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I have also noticed this bug. i have a bridge that has missing parts because of this.

I also have this issue. Prior to launch I was spanning 6 ceiling tiles without supports, connecting two of them to make a 12 ceiling tile gap. After launch that became impossible, but struts still allowed for a 5 ceiling tile span. As stated prior, this allows for a total span of 10 (for a bridge) or 5 ceiling tiles out from a building. My building has 2 5 spanning sections, and the ends keep crumbling each time the server restarts. And as said, not in a particular way. Some of them stay, most of it goes, it’s not always the same.

I lost 60 levels worth of gold coins the first time it happened. I had like 45+ gold coins in my cauldron, just sitting there. Quite a frustration to lose phats, but also have to rebuild the structure, only to realize it will inevitably happen again. And hoping for word of a fix.

Yep, this is exactly what I experienced. I was connecting a sloped ceiling that was ~12 wide. With some creative struts and ceilings, I managed to get it to connect and it looked really cool. Logged in the next day and like 8 ceilings were missing from it. That’s when I started testing stuff out and trying to figure it out.

I’m a QA guy by trade, so it bugs me when something is wonky like this.

I experienced the exact same bug. Struts disappear after a few restarts of the server. I essentially use them to overhang ceilings a make my buildings look a little more complex in shape, and placings struts needs a very peculiar placement order. Them disappearing means I have to destroy all the upper parts of my buildings to replace them (and it’s lame).

I don’t know whether it is a bug or not, but when you spend weeks grinding, make your masterpiece canstle, and then it partly ruins on server restart (not because of raid or purge, just because) - it is realy frustrating.

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Have the devs acknowledged this bug even exists its getting old having to rebuild my structures after every server restart

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