Construction Hammer Crash

Just starting a new character after a while away and it apparently requires a construction hammer to build. OK, that’s fine. However, any time I try to equip it to build, the game crashes. Is this a new bug or is there something I’m missing?


Have you tried to repair your files?

OK, could you ELI5? How do I go about that?

What do you mean?

I believe that is some type of hidden alien code which you need to decipher in order to be able to assist him in his attempts to solve his crashing issue. :woman_shrugging:

As for @Skitterbooty it would help to know what you are playing on. Are you on Steam? If so that is fairly simple, go into seam and verify your files. From the Games menu right click on Conan Exiles and chose “Properties”. This will pop up a box:

From this box click on “Local Files” and then “Verify Integrity of Game Files”. Let that run and hopefully you should be good.

If you are playing on the epic game store, I got nothing because I don’t use that version.

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Explain Like I’m 5 (basically I’m an idiot)

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I am on Steam so I’ll do that and cross my fingers that it works. Thanks!

Unfortunately, it didn’t work. Same issue, same crash. Thanks for the help, though.

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