Construction Hammer Question

When I watch Conan videos on YouTube, items being placed with the hammer show up as a green (usually) transparent outline. When I play this isn’t what I see at all - I get the whole item. It can be tricky to place large items, eg, taming pens, and would be easier if I got the green outline I see in most videos, but I can’t figure out how to change it. I’ve been through the settings and see nothing obvious. Is it maybe something to do with a mod?

Far as i’m aware the green silhouette is the default and there’s no option to toggle it.

What mods are you using?

Yes, that is a mod. They use it on the privet server I’m on and it’s a PITA to get things set right.

The main building mod I’m using is Less Building Placement Restrictions. I’ve been playing about with some of the settings in the Mod Control Panel that goes with it, and I’ve figured out how to get the transparent silhouette.

I’m using Less Building Placement Restrictions which comes with Mod Control Panel. To access MCR, press Shift +End, then enable Enable Building Brush Materials and Enable Placeable Brush Materials. This enables the transparent silhouette. It’s not coloured, but you can see through it to place things. LBCR colours the direction arrow instead.

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