Construction hammer UI adjustment suggestion

So in the construction hammers UI, I really feel like the most recent highlighted selection should remain highlighted the next time the UI is opened. Currently it goes back to the last item PLACED and not the last item LOOKED at. This is super annoying because when I’m building I often need to look at what resources I need next but when I go back to actually place it I have to again find the item I wanted to place next instead of it already being highlighted as it was the last thing I looked at. Not to mention, every time I forget what one of the building requirements are I have to re-find what I wanted to place. Sometimes like 3 or 4 separate instances of having to track down the placeable I want to build in the UI. You guys know what I mean? It’s super annoying.

(Personally I hate the addition of the construction hammer in general, I liked it much better before… Personally. The above being a big part of why)

So instead of just looking at it, click on it as if you’re going to build it.


I’m so dumb. Jesus … thanks…

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