Continuing the discussion from [Ping Exceeds Server settings (Official 1521)](

Continuing the discussion from Ping Exceeds Server settings (Official 1521):

Same stuff…Same server, same issue.

When you choose from the server chooser, you get “ping exceeds…”

Seriously Funcom, I know you said you are looking at it but let me know what the issue is, It’s not that there is a faulty mechanic for application ping testing (And don’t get me wrong, that it part of it…and honestly the root of the issue) it is that when the “error” message comes up, the user is NOT put back to the chooser window.

Seriously, if you do the check before we leave the server chooser window, then I wouldn’t need to use task manager or windows functions to kill the application (right click on the task bar, task manager, etc).

That’s the part that ■■■■■■ me off the most, that I need to kill the application and then reload the application because you cannot do the check while in the chooser window or because you cannot get us back out of the “loading screens.”

Now, if the game didn’t take up 4GB of ram, it wouldn’t be as huge of an issue because I wouldn’t need to wait for the OS clean-up to finish before trying to load it again…

Please, PLEASE, PLEASE! Do the ping checks on the server chooser screen and if they pass, DO NOT DO APP PING CHECKS AGAIN until it is loaded.

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