Continuous connection loop

Platform: Steam
Issue Type: Other
Game Mode: Online Private
Server Type: PvP
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: Tales of the Exiled RP - Test Server
Mods: 880454836/Pippi.pak, 2842779736/ModAdmin.pak, 1823412793/ModControlPanel.pak, 2846119484/ThrallWarsUtilities.pak, 1699858371/DungeonMasterTools.pak, 933782986/ExilesExtreme.pak, 1369802940/Emberlight.pak, 1815573406/Shanis-Stuff.pak, 1928978003/NorthernTimber.pak, 2762696414/matswapper.pak, 2744140111/SvS3.pak, 1598693222/Savage_Steel_vol_II.pak, 2474566370/Beyond_Decor.pak, 2752945598/Beyond_Decor_II.pak, 1394768794/Immersion.pak, 1326031593/SlaveWarsServer.pak, 1546922129/VeloXJsTattoo2022.pak, 2250037083/RavencrestCouriers.pak, 1966733568/immersivearmor.pak, 2128436572/RAFantasy.pak, 1542041983/RA.pak, 2086135111/CAS.pak, 2050780234/BarbarianBarber.pak, 1938818750/AkubaSalon.pak, 1402835318/Warrior_mutator_mod.pak, 1507900658/NoBalance.pak, 925197087/DyeMoreBetterer.pak, 2791028919/SerenaBadlands.pak, 931088249/BetterThralls.pak, 1629644846/KerozardsParagonLeveling.pak, 2830506231/Beyond_Forge.pak, 2633363028/LCDA_bestiary.pak, 2644416526/Beyond_Stations.pak, 2723987721/Pythagoras_Support_Beams.pak, 1444947329/LBPR_Collision_Update_Add_On.pak, 877108545/UnlockableContainers.pak, 2097790925/TestingRaceMod.pak, 2323901287/RoleplayRedux.pak, 1369743238/No_Building_Placement_Restrictions.pak, 2001044383/LCDA_gameplay.pak, 2275543723/Improved_Quality_of_Life.pak, 2300463941/Devious_Desires.pak, 2460383547/MultiChar.pak, 2430217509/Underdark_of_Acheron.pak

Bug Description:

Continuous Loop when trying to connect to hosted server. No mods showing they need to be updated either in game or in G-portal platform where server is hosted. Myself and several players have verified files, unsubbed from all mods, and I have restarted the server multiple times as well.

Bug Reproduction:

unsubscribe from all mods,
remove servermodlist.txt,
start game,
click launch,
click play online,
select server and click join,
click subscribe/update all button,
once all have finished click connect;
game reloads, after several minutes get returned to mod mismatch window where all mods are showing they are OK. Click connect, this repeats continuously.

We’ve figured out on the server I run that even though it says all mods are okay, that’s a lie.
If you loop either your mods or the ones on the server need to be updated.

Yea we knew that one too which is why I verified multiple times mods on both sides were updated.

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