Continuous in Game Disconnecting

Game mode : online

Problem: [ Continuous in Game Disconnecting ]

Region : US

Server: ALL official and unofficial online

OS: WIN 10 driver up to date system requirements met

Past 2 weeks game play has steadily become more laggy. Recently I only get about 2-5 minutes of play time before I get a message stating, “Disconnecting from Server” And it boots me to the main page.

Attempted fixes: updated computer and steam, Uninstalled and reinstalled Conan Exiles. Logged into single player for 30 minutes to load the map. Removing IPV6, Adding IPV6 on network. None of these resolved the random disconnect issue.

Lead up: I try to run or use items, but no stamina is used nor is the item used. I then get disconnected about 5-8 seconds later. I have no programs running in the background. Attempted on a different device same issue.

Multiple servers used, most prevalent being official 1738, 1745, and 1930.

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