Continuous mod mismatch despite having all the mods and versions being correct

Have a server through G-Portal. The game has updated to the new version (3.0) I’m assuming it loaded the hotfix after that, I don’t know.

The issue I’m running into is that every time I try to load into the server, I get a “mod mismatch”, and it asks me to verify that the mods that are running on the server are the ones that I loaded on my game. They check out, they are the ones I activated on the launcher, so I click connect. The game closes, I wait a few minutes while it finishes shutting down in the background, and restart, then wait for it to go through all the connection stuff, and tell me that it is trying to connect to the server. Cue the “mod mismatch” screen, again. Double check the mods, click okay, go through it all again, and… cue mod mismatch… AGAIN.

So far I have narrowed it down to only two mods being allowed to run: Pippi and Emberlight. Everything else causes a mod mismatch that cannot be resolved, and just ends up in a circle of futility. Anybody else facing this problem, or have a solution for this problem?

Take a look thru that thread. Lots of verious “fixes” there. I posted at the bottom how we’re getting past this error

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