Controller Style Layout Setting

Basic Info:

Platform: Steam
Issue Type: Gameplay
Game Mode: Single Player
Server Type: =SERVER TYPE=
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: =SERVER NAME=
Mods: ModControlPanel Fashionist ArmorStats in Bench WonderBodyAC Grim Wonderbody reupload SorceryTweaks BetterThralls No Building Placement Restrictionslt;< p=“”>

Bug Description:

controller style layout is on by default so the setting should be removed.

Bug Reproduction:

put controller style layout to on and tick the box for rotatable stationary camera.

Not sure what we’re supposed to be seeing there as no movement was shown in the video :slight_smile:

You would have to actually move your character to see the difference between controller style and regular movement… basically controller style allows your character to turn around towards the monitor when walking backwards instead of backpedaling.

The rotatable stationary camera is a separate setting that lets you unlock the camera from your character (just like in vanity mode) when you are stationary (aka. not moving)

I’m surprised it is not automatic once you plug in the xbox controller to the PC. My guess is it was an attempt to determine if something is plugged in, and if it is or is not a xbox controller.

its to show that this setting is on by default. auto is the same as off. when you tick the box for rotatable camera is the only time the setting actually changes making it unecessary to even have a controller style layout setting because… its on by default.

this is how it should have been.

And I tried explaining that this is incorrect, because the controller style setting is referring to MOVEMENT only… so you cannot demonstrate that with a video where your character is simply standing still.

Yes, the rotatable stationary camera setting IS affected by this, because it would make no sense to lock the camera to your character when your character isn’t actually locked to the view itself… (controller style on), but that’s just a secondary effect.

Again, here’s what controller style movement does and all 3 settings are separate:

  • When set to Off it will lock your character to the view during movement. That means when you walk backwards, your character will actually walk backwards in small steps, while still facing forwards.
  • When set to On your character will NOT be locked in a forward facing direction while moving. That means that when you walk backwards, your character will actually TURN and run at full speed towards the screen.
  • When set to Auto you will get the same behavior as Off while using a keyboard and mouse, however you will get the behavior like On, when you switch input to a controller…

Edit: Here, I made you a quick video to demonstrate the various differences in movement based on which settings you use. Whenever you see my shortcut bar disappear, that’s me switching to using an actual xbox controller as opposed to keyboard and mouse.

As you can see it works just like I described above and that is a perfectly valid settings entry and works exactly as it should so there’s absolutely no need to suggest removing the setting.

When I tested the movement types the other day with various combinations, movement worked predictably and how it was described with all settings and on both mouse and keyboard as well as controller.

To put it shortly, select Controller movement style ON if you want to run when moving in the direction of the camera (back), with both controller and keyboard. Set to OFF if you want your character to walk backwards instead with both controller and keyboard. Set to Auto if you want your character to walk backwards with keyboard and run with controller.

The only thing that doesn’t work is an inverted version of Auto which is a use case that I haven’t seen anyone request.

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