Cool downs. The answer to server transfers

If you’ve played Ark then you know how much of a blessing and a curse server transfers can be. Sometimes a server becomes overpopulated which can lead to long queue times and frustrating issues such as crowding or even trolling due to the stress of people clamoring for the best resources. The short-term answer is to allow server transfers, but as previously hinted at, this can lead to random server fluctuations and issues with people moving over just to farm weaker clans and then leaving before they can be retaliated against. So, how about a compromise? I say funcom should institute a server transfer option. Free or pay to transfer either way is fine. The thing that will make this viable however is to institute a stiff cool down on both character deletion per server AND a cool down period for transferring characters to other servers. At a minimum I’d say make it a week per account to transfer servers. That will minimize sporadic stress placed on different servers while also making the game playable for those on overpopulated servers. The cool down will eliminate people being able to randomly raid and then transfer off server also.