We need server transfers

I think this game would benefit from having server transfers. The server population of 40 players is really low, and many of the official servers is starting to become pretty inactive. My clan of 4 players have already started over on 3 different servers, and my friends says they will rather quit the game than to start over a 4th time on a new server if the current one becomes inactive. The process of leveling up and building a decent base that is ready for PVP is pretty tedious if you have done it several times on many different servers.

I have 1100 hours in Conan Exiles and I have probably reached max level about 7 times now on different servers since the game went into early access last year. I love this game, but I doubt I’m willing to do it all over again if my current server dies. My clan mates wont play on private servers so officials is the only choice for us.

The problem with Conan Exiles at the moment is that there is just too much grinding and building and too little action and PvP. The map is too big for the server population and there is just too little going on.
Giving us the option to transfer between servers will help a lot with keeping the official servers populated.

And that worked so well for ARK, instead of making the gank squads level up on each server they get to just transfer and ruin every server they can find. There are enough people whose only goal is to ruin other people’s fun that giving them that kind of tool lets them stomp around at will. There may be people who want to do “real” PvP, but it takes way more effort than these children are willing to put up with, so they lay about stomping on those weaker than them, they don’t want a fight, fair or otherwise, they only want to destroy.


No! We do not need this on CE

I am againssmt transfers as well. It would be tii easy for people to level on say a private server with x5 exp and then transfer to an official server to cause trouble to others.

If your server population is dwindling, maybe yiur PvPing is the problem? Maybe you’ve become too high a level and new players feel they don’t have a chance.

Server transfers, lmao…

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Isn’t that the truth.

I never personally played ARK but this is the consensus from everyone I talk to in Conan that played ark.

Yes i understand that this could be a problem, but players leaving the game because they are tired of leveling up on new servers is a bigger problem. Playing on a pvp server with 5-8 other players is boring and useless. When you have started over on a new server 7 times it sucks the fun out of the game.

They could put a limitation on how many transfers each account could do. Maybe 3 or something. Giving every account infinite transfers could be too much I agree on that.

For a game like this to work you need to be on an active server.

I only think they will or would be good if and when the servers get consolidated…otherwise to much room for abuse…unless they put a big charge on it.

Server transfers had to be limited to official servers only.

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Agreed, except that you will here so many people whining about how the private server they play on was shut down and how can official servers have transfers and they don’t? It will be a never ending cycle of whining about this junk.

Personally, I think people are treating this game too much like a persistent MMO or mindcraft. The reality is, it’s a survival game with and ending. Yes you can keep building but at Some point you are suppose to leave the exiled lands. That is how the game is designed. So you are suppose to start over eventually. People don’t lije it because they invest the time but the reality is, characters are suppose to leave the world and start anew.

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Many people don’t realize this. The game is designed to be a 2 or 3 month campaign.

ok.,So u suggest everyone to quit the game after they finish the quest and their server is dying. That’s an exelent suggestion. I guess we don’t need populated servers after all then and Funcom can just start making their new game right away and don’t waste any more resources on this game. My guess is that you play on a PvE server.

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So from what I gather your issue is not enough pvp action? Why not find a private server that has a 10x multiplier on it? You’ll find all kinds of action in those since you will be max level and raiding with bombs within hours.

There is quite a few players that actually enjoy the levelling and building aspects of the game. That IS part of it too. There has been players in the past that when they get max level with nothing to do, they reroll and start again.

I absolutely 100% disagree with server transfers. If you think players are leaving because they can’t find things to do in the game, imagine massive clans that would server hop and destroy everything in sight.

No server transfers.

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how many times have you level up and started over on a new server? my issue is mostly about all the grinding, mining and building you have to do every time you start over.

I would prefer another team working to realize 200-500 player servers, trying to get this game running on another database, engine or whatever that would require. That way, not tousands of servers would be needed, but only a fraction of that. Of course the map would be needed to be streched by 5+ times as well. Clan member limit might go all the way up to 50-100 players.
The world might seem a lot more deserted when the server becomes a ghost town, but that counts towards immersion as well. At the same time, once one found the enemy base, there might really fun pvp times. And pve as well, as more and more people might add up. But then new ways for rewarding might be needed.
Let that dlc cost us the same amount as the game costs, but I think that would work perfectly instead of transfers.

In the mean time, hosting 2-5x harvest+exp events every 1-3 months would work for that as well.
I guess that would be way more realistic to expect. As it only needs someone to alter the settings for each server once per month… or four times per year.

i hope a featur like this will never came to this kind of game

Not possible to have that many players in a game with a freeform building system. They would have to remove the building system altogether to manage higher player number than 70. there is a reason every survival game has a server cap of 70.

They would need to totally redesign the game for that to happen and we both know that would never happen. They would rather just make a new game i guess.

Do you complaun every time you start a call of duty match and have to capture spswn poinrs again? Look, the nature of the game is to survive and escape. It’s a left for dead with open world and crafting. If you want more robust PvP, then try another game.

Also, isn’t part of the PvP fun the challenge? What is the challenge of PvPing people levels below you when you are 60 and always start at 60. New players don’t start there, yet you want to hop on at 60 and just dominate, that seems to give you an unfait advantage.

Isn’t it more of a challenge to take your grouo of friends and see how quickly you can hop on a new server, and blitz up to the point of being able to raid the best established group there?

This is why I said that hosting events for more exp+harvest is more realistic.

But regarding why probably all survival games come with a cap of 70… Am I the only one to assume every dev/publisher to use the same engine and a similar database?