Where is server transfer update? plus suggestions


Make it like a 3 Hr cooldown(MAX) less would be better.
Make it so people can transfer with full inv
Make it That god tokens arent able to be transferred.(stops instant gods upon transferring)
Make it so in the logs it shows what server that player is from so if they raid u, u can go back and wipe them.

It then will make the PVP community Thrive as it will somewhat become like ARK which has been thriving for years and years where u can travel from 1 to another with no cooldown. It shows that it works, and i mean most of the devs on conan worked on ark anyway so just do it.

For everybody thats whinging about people being able to transfer with items think about it like this.

You would already have fully levelled thralls, fully levelled horses. If people come and try and raid u ur thralls will keep u safe. Make sure u lock up ur map rooms so raiders cant utilize them, slows down their spread across the map.

Sure people can transfer with unplaced thralls and horses in their inventories, but it will take Hours upon Hours to level them up at that point if ur playing on a pvp server u would have already found these invaders on your server.

Server transfer isn’t ready yet. PC patch notes for 2.4 list it as WIP. So no definite date but I’m guessing the plan is to have it ready for full release or soon after :crossed_fingers:

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