Cool torch Question about it

Hey are you able to repair the final breath of the red mother torch or is it use and then it’s gone

Wish I had one of these torches so I could say for certain, but most of the hand-held items in the game can be repaired by the Legendary Weapon Repair Kits. I’d try dragging one of those onto it and see if that works or not.

EDIT: Wiki would seem to confirm my hunch:

The only thing u need to keep in mind is that repair kit has no effect IF item is broken. U need to apply it BEFORE the torch runs out of hp. Also put an advanced durability kit on it, as it can be done with glowing stick torch (but not normal torch), it greatly increases its timmer (glowing stick goes from 20 mins to 50 mins and last breath goes to 400 something if I remember correctly)


@Larathiel, sry… I somehow pressed reply on ur post instead the topic…

400 hours xD

Ah no worries, good suggestion on the reinforcement kit, and noting that it must be repaired before reaching the broken state. :slight_smile:

Final Breath of the Red Mother starts with a durability of 167h 20m. When you drop an Advanced Durability on it, it drops to 125h 30m. Advanced Reinforcement Kit raises it to 418h 20m. As noted, Legendary Repairs Kits work.


What ? :confused:

The kit improuving durability of things is the Advanced Reinforcement Kit, do you mean Advanced Tool Upgrade Kit instead ? :wink:

Yes advanced tool upgrade kits lessens the life expand of torches.
Durability kit aka advanced reinforcement kit expands torches lifespan

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To clear up, yesterday this was posted:

As @Ragnaguard has just clarified, I was answering his post using what I understood to be his terminology. That’s on me. :eyeglasses:

For this torch:
Using the Advanced Tool Upgrade Kit (the awl and rope icon) you get diminished durability.
Using the Advanced Reinforcement Kit (strap chisel and awl) you get greater durability.


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