COOP Loading Screen Misinformation

Have been playing coop with a friend and I noticed the coop loading screen that shows tips has wrong or outdated info on it.

  1. “Research can be started at each others guilds…”
    Tip says research can be started at each others guilds but when playing last night I found I couldn’t research using his guilds.

  2. “Armies are not shared. Your are responsible for your own army and its upkeep.”
    The key part of this tip is the upkeep line. Army upkeep IS shared between players so you’re not solely responsible for it.

Thanks for the fun game.

Hey @Geld,

Glad you are having fun and thanks for writing!

Let’s see…
Point (1) is true, you can research at your ally Guild. However, we are currently looking into it but there may be a bug where your Ally not having the Gold for a research is preventing you from purchasing a research at their guild. This will be addressed in a future patch.

Point (2), you are definitely right the upkeep is shared between both players and that includes the army upkeep. That we will have to fix in a later build as well.

Thanks again, well be fixing these up as soon as we can.

Side note: The Rat-Flail is the BEST flail.