New suggestion to help balance COOP\Upkeep\Economy

I will open this new thread because it will be short in comparison to the previous one i wrote.


-What about making some of the upkeep “Tick” ever second “Tick”? Meaning you’ll have one income “Tick” then on the second you get income and upkeep? Making the 1 upkeep into 0.5.


-Allowing to upgrade the facilities that provide resources so that they will cover more land and you will no longer waste your budget on facilities that only provide you with 2 wood\stone etc.


-Maybe even allow having wider harvesting AOE from the start to balance the economy a bit.


-Instead of sharing upkeep 50\50 among both players make it so the resource and money income remains the same, but the Command Points\Thralls and Gold upkeep is 25/75 only for mobile units.

The 75% upkeep goes to the player that hired the soldiers and the 25% to his partner that just shares the upkeep with him.
The player that just focuses on military units will soon run out of Command Points and Thralls and probably Gold. Will be forced to take care of his economy better, and won’t be able to be mad at his partner since you only share 25% of your Command Points\Thralls\Gold upkeep with him.

This seems like something that might help the constant scenarios where two strangers play in a random lobby and one of them just builds an army and prevents the other from having an army. Forcing him to focus on economy.

That way it is still shared and you are not autonomous but you are not forced to follow the lead of a player that disregards the Coop economy.

In my mind this makes sense, if it doesn’t i would happily hear why and how just so i will understand. So feel free to chime in.

What you think?

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