Dinging with research at 100%

One of my chars was level 60, and I was planning to take her to TOTW to get her a robe, a notum ring, some nice 2he weapon etc. To avoid leveling, I moved the research bar to 100%, i.e. all of the xp was supposed to go to research. She was barely 60, and the xp bar was completely empty. This toon had never been to ToTW before, so, naturally, I decided to do the mission for Karrec. When handing in the mission, I levelled up. With the research setting at 100%. And only 5000 xp was actually allocated to research! Unfortunately, I had not disabled all xp gains in the F10 menu, which, in hindsight, I probably should have done. But still, when you have the research slidebar at 100%, and about 97%-98% of the reward goes to you regular xp, it looks like a bug to me.
Btw, the in-game petition popup message contains a link to the old anarchy-online.com forums, not to the current ones.

This is working as intended, all overflow XP is added to your normal XP unless you have XP disabled. There is no way for you to go back to level 60 if you have dinged 61, no petition in the world will do anything about it.

It’s a mistake a lot of us has done once upon a time.

The way research XP works is that you can only get 10% of the total XP needed for that research in one “XP Gain”. So Research level 1 requires 50.000 XP meaning the max yuo can get is 5.000 in one hit. Any remaining XP will go into your normal XP or into your pool if XP is disabled.

I think you also have side XP added to your “daily reward” xp, so it’s a bit more than 100% of your current level added.