Corner roof and ramp have broken snap points

Game mode: Online
Problem: programing error
Region: US

Corner ramp and roof pieces have a broken snap point on one side making it damn near impossable to affix walls and or fences to it. This one side in question will snap building blocks perpendicular to the part rather then along the edge as intended.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Place on ground or hang from an elevated place a corner ramp or corner roof
  2. Attempt to snap a wall or fence to both lower edges
  3. One edge will snap building blocks @ 90° from edge.

Please tell me I’m not the only one on this one

I’ll try to replicate. Sounds like your building top to bottom and I have not tried that too much. I’ll report back later with what I see

Yeah unless I’m misunderstanding or using wrong materials that is not what is happening for me. If I hang a corner roof or ramp from my wall I can attach a wall to any point. Fences will not attach to ramp but wall is no problem. Using sandstone and thatch to test. No 90 degree shenanigans sorry I couldn’t help or didn’t understand

Decided to try the thatch sloped roof corner and yeah there are some funky snap points if you try to attach a wall or fence to it. No 90 degrees for me. Just kind of straight down the middle and slightly higher than the wall the sloped corner is attached to. I dunno maybe unintended building use or maybe a glitch

I will provide a screen of the issue. Note: this is a problem on PS4 console. Not sure if it is universal across all platforms.

Working side

Non-working side

Sorry for poor quality. This issue also applies to all tiers of this piece.