Corpse disappear after multiples crashes

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug
Region: Europe

I’m playing on official server for the past to weeks I have died 4 times and in two my body disappeared from world but not from map.
The last time the game crashed and when i entered again mobs just finished killing me,I rturned to find my body but the game crashed on the sam spot two more times, so I perform a file check on steam and it found a wrong file.
After this I could log in without crash but my body was only on map nt on the world.
The first time I died something similar happened to me.
Probably it could be tricke to solve bugs that made the earth to eat a corpse, but maybe we can have some workaround like if you are at 10 feet from your corpse, as see on map, you can recover it using a command like /corpse or just pressing E (making targeting unnecesary if ther is no other thing in your target you can lot.


Steps on how to reproduce issue:
2.Log off
3. Log in and Log off again

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