Corrupt files over and over

Sorry for the poor quality pictures :frowning:

My PC loaded perfectly, Mrs, Mrs Jone’s machine no so lucky.

This was the third time I did this.

Its ground hog day, what is the fix?

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I saw in another post to purge the mods, well what if you can not get to the screen to do that in?

It never gets past the stupid movie

deleting modlist.txt works or it does for some people.

Have the same problem since the update. I did what you did, also uninstalled the game and deleted the folder left after uninstall, rebot PC, fresh instal , and stil cant get into the damn game!!!


Can you check this path and see if you have any modlist in there?

Default installation:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Conan Exiles\ConanSandbox\Mods

Library on another drive:
\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Conan Exiles\ConanSandbox\Mods

Have you moved your game from one drive to another at some point (if so check that drive too)?

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it’s not the MODS… it’s FUNCOM again… they do this every time …it’s not NEW… they need to stop doing it… just say’n… Funcom is NOTORIOUS for dropping the ball on updates. on average it takes them two weeks to fix it. It’s time for FUNCOM stop being dicks to the private servers.

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I run a server… it’s FUNCOM 110% not my server.

No it was mods, I released her mod file and everything works dandy

I have the same problem, never been a problem before. I validated several times, unistalled and reinstalled. My drive looks different, \Program Files(x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\steamworks

on the other drive, there are no mods in that folder, modslist


If you go here and browse your local files is there any mods folder in ConanSandbox?

I run 2 servers and both work without any issues. Mine are hosted by GTX. If it is not mods, then maybe your host? Some people who have servers with Nitrado were experiencing issues.

Removing the modlist.txt file worked for me. I then added my mods back in and the Improved Quality of Life mod crashed me.

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I have the same and any list mods. Funcom, k… What the hell ?

Can not get this game to play on Steam. Same problem over over before, and the latest addition/patch/upgrade now just takes up even more memory so slower to download - 100 GiG (ok with some DLC’s). But it’s still the same ‘Fatal Download Error’ every time I try to run a single player game. I get advised to ‘verify my steam files’ which I do - verification OK. However it still says ‘Fatal Download Error’ and ‘Corrupt Files’ so what’s the point? uninstalling then reinstalling takes forever because of the 100GiG size of the game.
Then also I have trouble even playing the start up cut scene which keeps on freezing or lagging behind the sound. This PC has 16GiG of RAM but still really struggles to play just the intro… and I’ve never even managed to get to actual ‘play it’.

Complete waste of time and money if you can’t play it on even an advanced PC

Exactly the same problem for me, but then it’s always been the same problem with Conan Exiles even before the lateest big update.
‘Corrupt Date File’ and ‘Download Error’ each time I attempt to run it. If I can get past the opening intro movie (game often freezes or lags behind the sound)
BTW I have 16Gig of RAM so you’d have thought this woudl be able to handle it!

good evening everyone
since yesterday, I try to enter the official servers as well as the private server of a friend of conan 1er of the name and I can not, the game freezes while waiting for the connection to the server, I also freeze on a single player / co-op game, device manager tells me that “conan sandbox exe no response” I checked the files and reinstalled it 30 mins ago, removed the mod file and I have the same problem, a idea what the problem is? Thank you.

I had same error. Took me 12 hours to get it sorted by trial and error.
Here is what worked for me:
Delete steam, clean folders up. registry clean. Install steam, change download region to Germany. Install seamlessly.

If you’re not willing to uninstall steam then delete any folder before uninstall to do with CE.
You’re Welcome :slight_smile:

Sounds like it would be easier and simpler to buy a new PC and just have Steam/CE on it… I am actually thinking of getting one, 16 GiG of RAM is clearly no longer enough…

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