Corrupted files from update

Conan Exiles Barbarian edition, pre launch version for pc through steam i have windows 8.1
PC update on steam client one of the one of the first updates since launch caused a corrupted file
update caused corrupted file: program files (x86) - steam apps - common - conanexiles - conansandbox - content - graniteSDK - Baking - 0014_7d373798.uasset

since this happened i cannot play the game. I deleted and reinstalled the game and it says 100% downloaded then goes to download paused on game library. on the conan page in my library it says not installed. funcom said it was a driver issue but after fixing the driver and upgrading to the latest driver my issue still exsists. I then tried to wipeout and start over, but i cant because the file wont let the computer do anything. i then tried to load windows ten and wipe everything… but i cant because of this file that was corrupted when funcoms update finished. i cant seem to get anyone to even care. Is there anyone who can help me?

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Hi, im only going by what you have written, but on the second paragraph you wrote " I deleted and reinstalled " if you deleted, it won’t get rid of everything, you have to un-install :slight_smile:

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