Corrupt Update Files

Veryfied, reinstalled, wiped all files, installed onto different harddrive. Verys 100% complete no problems then just goes back into downloads with the corrupt update files error, any help thanks :slight_smile: edit - alos no mods or mod folder

I’ve been having the exact same issue & error message. Taken all the exact same steps, doing a clean reinstall now to see if it helps, about 2 hour wait time left. I had no issues playing before, was even running the game on ultra graphics with no slow down or lag. No mods.

Did you purchase Isle of Septah? I did not, and now I’m wondering if they made it a required DLC to play Conan Exiles at all.

I downloaded the update without having the DLC and was able to start the game normally. They never added such a restriction, which would most likely be illegal anyway.

I did purchase it yes but not actually been able to launch since the update for it, but it really isnt a requirment to play

UPDATE: I did a clean reinstall and the game is working again.
My process:
Go to `C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common
Then deleted the Conan Exiles folder completely and uninstalled from steam.
I then installed again (took 4 hours) and the game works.

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