Corrupted Hyenas

Corrupted Hyenas seem to chew straight through me regardless of what armor I have. I just upgraded to Heavy armor and a C-Hyena killed me in about 5 bites…
I don’t understand… pretty sure my follower is dead now too.

Is there some strategy with them that I am missing?

I assume you’re still pretty low level, right?
Untill you can put your hands on better gear and have a better build, you have 2 options:

  1. Jump on a rock or any high ground and shoot the hell out of it with arrows until it loses aggro. Rinse and repeat.
  2. use a shield but beware it’s not working 100% of the time, as ennemies will from time to time teleport behind you.

having a good thrall with good equipement is also a huge help. With this new leveling system you might get a very decent follower from any faction, just be carefull when leveling up.

Have fun !

I’m almost level 40 which is why I don’t understand why these things are still pwning me like I was level 10. I’m using a full suit of Exceptional Heavy something. I also have a steel heater shield.

Like Elephants don’t kill me as quick as these corrupteds do lol

So with the new level system I don’t get an option to level my thrall, it does it automatically based off % chance of upping a stat.

Add more vitality? At level 40 you are still missing 20 level points that could be assigned to vitality.

It is possible to kill them off at level 60. Easier if you have a pet or thrall that can tank some of the hits.

Until then, run.

This is where traps would work well.
Hope you never see a corrupted saber tooth.
We did, took 2 of us an hour to kill it. Both 60s.

I tried to to fight a corrupted rocknose at lvl 15 with coarse clothes, a stone sword and a wood shield. Missed my 1st parry with shield and missed the dodge just after and then I was trapped under it and to parry of dodge any more. I was dead very quickly.
Lesson learned : don’t fight a blue eyed critters at low level without stuff !

Corrupted anything are stronger (read hit harder) than any regular animal. We all struggled with them in the beginning. Sometimes the best strategy is to run.

Currently If I see a corrupted hyena (level 60 in flawless epic gear with legendary weapons) I swat them with my axe and they die. Even before that (pre-60 and with decent gear) I could take them with little trouble. Just know that sometimes you have to disengage or avoid until you can confidently take certain foes. Or, you fight your ■■■ off and kill something that you probably shouldn’t have been able to kill (my usual tactic :wink: ).

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