Corruption From Non-Corrupted

Game mode: Online Private
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE
Region: America

All players are experiencing the “gaining corruption” message and purple haze whenever any of us attack any kind of mob, not just a corrupted mob. It is happening anywhere on the map, not just where corrupted mobs are known to spawn. This is affecting both players who have been to the Unnamed City as well as brand new players who haven’t.

Note: While it says gaining corruption and the purple haze is visible, the health bar does NOT actually turn purple as it normally would when corrupted - so you aren’t actually becoming corrupted.

Also experienced: Even though it’s a PvE server, a smart-alek shot a newbie with a bow and he got the “gaining corruption” message/effects when she got close to him as well.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Log in
  2. Walk up to any mob and attack it, mob gets close to you, corruption message & haze occurs
  3. Mob dies, corruption message/haze goes away.
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Some mods used on this server ?

Because, no, never got this. I get corruption in some places, or while fitting corrupted creatures like you said. But never just so, and everwhere on the map. Must be server related here, so check if you use mods, and if which ones. Could be one of them. :wink:

We are using the following mods:

  • Emberlight (added today, and this issue was happening prior to using it.)
  • Fashionist (added today, and this issue was happening prior to using it.)
  • LitMan Container Size - Container size increaser
  • Litman Item Stack - Increases item stack sizes
  • LitMan Level One Fifty Six - Increases the max player level to 156
  • LitMan Loot Legendary Chests - Allows you to open Legendary Chest from Level 1
  • LitMan Thrall Placing Distance - Allows you to place thralls closer together
  • LitMan Weight- Increases the carry-weight limit
  • Pickup+ - Allows you to pick up everything you place instead of only destroy it
  • The Barkening - Adds 2 more ways to generate Bark

I can’t see how any of these mods would affect it in such a way, if they are all working as intended. :confused: I suppose we may need to remove them all and test one by one.

I have gotten the “gaining corruption” message when entering the aura of the dancers in Conan’s inn, it fades away quickly though and is replaced by the “removing corruption” message…not sure if this helps.

Try removing the Barkening. Author doesn’t indicate what they’ve done to make the mod and hasn’t updated in almost a year. 9/10, they didn’t use a mod controller in these instances, which is bad.


Yes, but the dancers in the Taverne by Conan, that’s different.

You will get the message if you have corruption or not, and still when entering Taverne. It’s more to show the curative action of a dancer i presume. Sure they cure to, if needed. But this doesn’t meen that you have corruption before you enter.

You’re right, all other mods was updated lately, without the bark one.
Didn’t ever know this one, to say. :wink:

No reason we gain corruption just so by sitting around, and doing nothing !

Sloth is one of the cardinal sins, so obviously procrastination like that sullies your soul.

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Not sure what fixed it, but the issue “magically” fixed itself. We did wind up removing The Barkening, but it was fixed before that. No clue! At least it’s stopped doing it. Thanks for the suggestions.

Glad to hear. See you in the uncorrupted Exiled lands.

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