Corruption unrelenting no brew/dancer will remove it

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Single player, reproduce = ? I may have set bedroll down in outer ridge of unnamed city. Farmed unnamed city as per usual but this time I have 1/3 hp bar filled with corruption. Brew and entertainers reduce it but it springs right back to 1/3 filled. Tried offing my character and it remains. Reboot & it remains. Do I really have to fresh start again?

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Its a visual bug

So, it just is then? My guy is on some kinda perma-trip? Oh man, sometimes… : (

Hello @AUGHTIMUS, thank you for reaching out!

Does it persist after death? What equipment are you currently wearing?


Yes it does persist after death. I’ve killed myself in every way imaginable. As far as equipment (which I didn’t think about),have had same pict armor I always have but recently got the legendary hyena helmet (forgot name) from unnamed city. I will get rid of it and see if there’s any change.

Name of equipment is Black Feather Helm, I don’t know if Helm is bugged or just freak accident. I unequiped and all is good for now. I feel dumb, but thank you.


No problem at all, thank you for reporting back!

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Doing what the helmet supposed to. Not sure how it plays in the game at this point I am behind on alot of new things.

Yeah well, evidently so am I. At some point playing since the beginning I would think I would learn things.

To be honest, that was the first thing that came to mind when I read your post. On PVP,
the guys used to troll around by putting them on unconscious clan members. :face_with_hand_over_mouth::joy:


The first 2 things which came in my mind when I read your thread: Either you wear the corruption helmet or the weapons :smiley:

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