Old and a new bug

Game mode: Single player
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE
Region: Hungary

So I couldn’t play for a week or so (so steam updated the game today), but today on my “first” day I discovered something: I loose a small portion of corruption seemingly randomly. I was roamming in the Unnamed City slaughtering every undead there, and sometimes Losing corruption message popped up.
I’m currently wearing: god’s eye, redeemed legion pauldron, arena trousers, godbreaker grips and pictish warchief boots, and the mismourn shield. Weapons: dagon’s daggers, scythe of thag and sword of the adventurer. None of them should give me corruption removal. That wasn’t present a week or so ago.

The older one is: I can’t craft the darfari speaker mask. I had T3 crafters, now I have T4, and 2 purge thralls, and nothing.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Be in the game
  2. Lose corruption without anything
  3. BUT you can’t craft the speaker mask for your collection
  4. Be happy and sad at the same time.

Finnbar of Cimmeria (purge) and Tarris Leatherbinder.
I’ve got a regular and improved armorer’s bench, switched them but nothing.

If you are looking for the epic flawless version, or possibly the exceptional, you will need either:



Thanks Jim.
The wiki says: " craftable with a T3, T4 [Armorer] thrall in the crafting station"
From this I assume EVERY T3-T4 armorer should craft it. So the wiki is wrong?

Thanks, Drach, I was unaware of that.

Rolee, the specific crafters required to produce particular armor are listed below the armor at https://conanexiles.gamepedia.com/Armor. ‘Show’ the armor set and scroll down.



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Pretty sure that mask is locked to a thrall. Both the ones listed above should have the recipe.

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Ooohh, that’s why!
Honestly I’ve never paid attention from which faction they are since the wiki didn’t say “craftable only by T3-T4 darfari armorers” or something like that.
And it seems I’ve never captured a darfari one.

I admin spawned B’naru and he indeed can craft the speaker mask.
Thanks guys for the clarification.


Oh, hey @Ignasi!
Does the dev. team know about the ‘sudden corruption removal’ phenomenon, or am I the only one with this thing so far?

Hey @rolee9309

We haven’t heard anything similar. Although you mention that this started happening a week ago or so. There hasn’t been any game update during that period of time, so is it possible that you’re playing with some mods in your single-player game?

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I disabled all of the mods I’m using although no new mods are added in the past ~4 months, and none of them are related to corruption (as far as I know).

Berore it first happened almost a week ago, I could not play the game for a week - or max. 10 days (no errors/crashes, etc. I just didn’t have enough time).

You seem to be the first player with this issue.

  • Is this still happening?
  • Are you actually losing corruption or is it only the message which pops-up?
  • Are or have you been in an area with corruption recently?
  • Does this happen at any specific location or during any specific weather?

Related assets changed with current live build:(1)


  • Yes, I checked minutes ago.
  • I am actually losing it, I tested it now in the Unnamed City at the Winged Death and the Snake world boss - both have corruption area around. After that run I usually end up having light corruption, so I hunt down a Relic hunter treasure seeker boss for its heart. Now I only have ~5% corruption so I don’t have to do so.
  • I visited all of the obelisks and was in the Unnamed City, fought wighs in the Mounds of the dead just to be sure.
  • Around 90% of the time (so NOT always!) when I randomly loose corruption I go to another temperature state, usually from hot to soothing.
    Other times I am simply in soothing state.

Do you need pictures? Because if so I will make as many as I can to inform you guys more precisely.

I suppose that this is the reason for loosing corruption… The Trousers of the Arena Champion (“Champion´s Leggings”) are supposed to reduce the gathered corruption - it´s no bug :wink:

“Removes one point of corruption every 30 seconds.”


Could you let me know whether the above still works? That way I know the wiki is up-to-date.

It works like a charm. I am using the Arena Champions Leggings myself (ingame, that is). Corruption is removed slowly, but effective.


I’ve added the entry to the page on Corruption. Thanks for testing :slight_smile:


My god… How did I never noticed that?
Was it on the wiki page all the time? I may have skipped that…and thus I feel a bit lazy for that because I didn’t checked the site before reporting this “bug” :smile:
It’s the first time I crafted that piece for myself (I gave it to the thralls), I was using darfari skin skirts from the beginning.
Thanks! But I’m gonna do a test run after I finish my job just to be 101% sure.


Okay, without the champion trousers I’m not losing corruption. With it I do. :grin:

**But was the corruption removing ability on the wikipedia before, or not?

I think it was there on the page for the Arena Champion´s armors. But even on the armor piece itself, there is no hint if you don´t read the info text. So it is at least a little mysterious… :shushing_face:

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