Cost multiple settings on horse

When altering the cost multiplying settings both horse stable and animal pens requires more of the same animal before you can craft it so both stable and small animal pen can not be used but large animal pen can die to 5 slot’s. The stable and animal pens should be like wheel of pain and use 1 animal despite any settings

P.s. my iPod does not show templates that used to appear for bug reports what happened to those

Single player
Xbox one and s as my one burnt up and I upgraded to a s and both do this
U.S region


Did you say “iPod”…?

Ok. Did not know they still sell those lol. Maybe the problem is your 10 year old device haha!

Greetings Exile,

Thank you for your report. Could you share a short video with us showing the issue in action, please?

We await your reply.

Sorry was busy I will get a video for you tomorrow (my time)

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stoped this year on sales now its till supplies last and canceled Ipod 8th gen but i still get updates as its only 1 year old

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cant give veideo as its a mp4 file and not allowed

I have tried different devices including my pc and iPod and Xbox but it all says it’s a mp4 file thus not allowed on you website so no video coming and I tried for hours to find a easy way but noooooooooooooooooooooo have to pay for file conversations which I won’t do but it’s on my Xbox which has same user name :sob:


Thank you for getting back to us. Can you try to upload the video to Youtube or to a similar platform and share the link with us?

We appreciate all the effort and support.

Yeah just let me :roll_eyes: figure out how to upload after I create a account I will need time here gotta head to work in 45 so I will get back when I can

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Ooooooooooooookay turns out I have a YouTube account and apparently also a account as well which say I have a Facebook account as well :thinking: I don’t remember me making a Gmail or YouTube but it did remind me of my Facebook which last I used was 12+ years ago so I’m close just got to recover my data​:expressionless:

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@Mayra there you go I hope it’s good enough

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Thank you very much for the video. We will attach it to the original report for further investigation.

Have a great week! :slight_smile:

Ce runs like a nightmare on series s and x consoles too. Nothing to do with hardware. Ce is the ONLY game on console that performs so poorly. If the hardware was the actual issue, then the hardware would perform similarly for other games. It just dosent. Ce is a unique experience, unlike any other game on console.

Are consoles to blame when fc applies an update and 500 old bugs all reappear and catch fc completely off guard with released, untested patches?

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